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Reduced data at 512 mps when out of data

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey I'm just wondering in my fine print of my plan, it says that you get a reduced speed of 512 mps when you run out of data. My phone says no internet connection so do I not get the reduced speed unlimited data? Like it says in my contract? Please help. Or do I need to contact customer support?


@Bluntman  You sure lucky mobile offers unlimited data in all there plans ? If so this is a game changer 

Be aware you will pay the whole thing and there is no pro-rating.
Those little symbols are called reference marks that refer to a matching reference marked line in the fine print that is actually called the endnotes. A lot like footnotes but not technically.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Ty everyone I will be changing my plan. I'm sry I thought that was for every plan like lucky mobile. And sry for late reply like I said no data. 😓😓


@Bluntman  So your in then20GB for $39 that plan is 4G speed and doesn’t have unlimited data , once your 20GB is used up it will no longer work u till your next renewal 

Why are you continuing to not say what plan you're on? It seems like you must be on a roaming plan but you can't seem to find your way to confirming that. Have you used all of the data in the plan? Do you have the line like the image earlier showing Phoenix... etc. Do you have add-on data?

Adding - nvm - me: read much? <- thanks Handy1.

@Bluntman Unfortunately, no. The #2 associated with that term isn't listed in the plan description like it is on plans that do get unlimited data.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Sry for late reply, I am currently on the $39 Dollar plan and I looked at the fine print and it said that I get a reduced speed 512 kbps. I even took a screen shot of it.

Screenshot_20230918_123140_Public Mobile.jpg


those 5G plans with unlimited reduced speed at 512 kbps will have that "Phoenix" line showing on My Account 

@DennyCrane- He "borrowed" that from another customer who was asking. Seems to be the 5G 40GB plan.
I have never understood why some customers can't answer questions that would lead them to the answer. One might deduce that if his data has stopped that he must have a roaming plan. But we can't assure him of that without knowing his facts

@Handy1 Is that yours? What plan is that?

@Bluntman The plan description would say unlimited at 512Kbps and it would have the "2" notation to direct you to term 2 of the terms you showed. Not every term applies to every plan. So again, what plan are you on?

HI @Bluntman 

these are general, "one for all" finerprints.  Many carriers and companies use fineprints like that.  The 512kbps only applies to those plan saying at Unlimited reduced speed

what plan do you have? if your plan details does not have that, it does not apply to you

@Bluntman  but what plan are you on I’ve seen that too and it only applies to certain 5G plans not all . As you noticed in my screen shot earlier says 512kbps but in the warning  below mentioned 256kbps only way to know is do a speed test when out of data . But this is another members screen shot who was asking same question , they never reported back with speed test after the fact . So who truly knows , but as far as throttled data it’s select to certain 5G offerings so what one have you got ?

Mayor / Maire

@Bluntman  What plan are you on only certain 5G plans have it even then there’s controversy check this out 

official website.




Mayor / Maire

HI @Bluntman  the 512Kbps is only for 5G plan.  It is there in the fine print, and that is a single page for all plans, you have to match up the * or + in front to see if that applies to your plan

What plan you have?

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