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Private message - No longer multiple recipients?

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HI All,


Just want to confirm if it is a settings or if it is no longer able to.


We can now no longer send to multiple recipients?


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I'm able to send to multiple recipients.

IHi @0PX9O4   did you actually send the message?


I can add them, but when I click Send:   I got this : 




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Sorry, it can't be done. I just tried to send a message to multiple people at once and it won't allow it to be done. I tried it a couple of ways.  Must be set up that way to discourage sending spam messages.

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Sorry about that, you're right, it won't send.

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Private Message not allowed to send to multiple name...only one name by one Private Message.


enjoy your service...

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 @hTideGnow : It's not certain that the above user knew that we could do multiple recipients before. Otherwise why would they have bothered posting that. I used to send to multiples on occasion so it's interesting that you came across this change.

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@hTideGnow     Interesting change... but yeah, definitely sounds like this is PM's response to stop those mass spam  messages being sent to other customers with one click.   Now those spammers will have to spend a lot more time sending their spam, so on the whole think it's a good change.   Of course, a little inconvenient for users who were using this feature for legitimate purposes...

HI @dabr  the de-spam idea  makes sense!!!!


But, it's not good for someone who actually needs that.  I sometimes like to reply to 2 or 3 CS Agents directly (as the ticket was picked up by different agents as it progress)


@hTideGnow    Yes, of course, there's always a downside to any changes...maybe provide feedback to Jade_S so that, perhaps, they can slightly tweak it?   However, I doubt they'll do anything further now, but yep definitely inconvenient for non spammers...