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Private Messages Inbox

Mayor / Maire

New customers are often advised to check the envelope icon left of the bell icon for new messages.  I've never seen an envelope icon (Safari on iPad).  I know when there is a private message because I get email notifications but it seems from someone else's post yesterday that is now turned off by default.  So anyone without the envelope and without email notifications doesn't know they've received a reply from support, for example.

So I tested using the PM app (also on iPad) and it just sent me back to the community on Safari - no envelope.  So I'm wondering, what devices, or maybe its browser, are those of you who see an envelope using?  

I know it took me a while when I first contacted support to accidentally figure out that I had to tap my avatar on the right of the bell icon and it would drop down a menu, and there I found Messages.   I'd been wondering if this mysterious envelope would suddenly appear when there was a reply but it didn't.  There is a red indicator on Messages in the drop down menu if there is a message waiting but nothing at the avatar to indicate a reply.  So with no envelope and no indicator to check the drop down menu, it's not surprising that new customers sometimes think they don't have a reply from support when in fact they do.

I still often only see instructions to refer to envelope for a reply from support in the answers on this forum, so I'm just wondering if I am in the minority by not seeing one?  




@hTideGnow   No luck with landscape, that's what the iPad is in most of the time, also no luck with different browsers that I've tried.  I don't usually log in on my iPhone so I just tried that, still no envelope in portrait or landscape.  I figured out where to look last year when I thought support had not replied to me but they had - but how are new customers supposed to know if they don't see an envelope...

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Phil_Adelphus - This is what I see on my MacBook Air:

When it is full screen with app bar:

Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 8.58.08 AM.png

Then at roughly 40% of the way changing the window size it hides within the profile picture:

Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 8.58.31 AM.png

And I've tried it on iPad also with forcing desktop version but to no avail also.

hi @Phil_Adelphus could also be the space. try to have your phone in landscape 

and browser could be a factor, try Chrome 

@hTideGnow   I  had tried that.  In desktop mode it still has no envelope.  




Mayor / Maire

hi @Phil_Adelphus it depends if your browser rendered it using mobile version of the browser. Because of space Issei, the envelope becomes  Messages, a menu item, under the avatar

A full version of the site, usually accessed in laptop or you select View Desktop mode on mobile browser , will show the envelope 

@colleeno  Maybe it's because mine is a mini.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I use both Safari and Chrome on my iPad and can see the envelope icon when using either browser.



This depnds on the browser used.  What you've expereience also happens on the mobile version of the website and makes it so that one has to click on the user avatar to access the messages from the drop down menu.  Even on a desktop view, this same thing is experienced if the user has zoom in past a certain level.

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