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Plan updated incorrectly

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello, when I had received the email saying "With our We Save, You Save Discount, you can get 15GB of 4G speed data for just $40/month when you upgrade your plan using My Account." I had upgraded and chosen for it to only apply at the end of my billing cycle. However when I look at my plan it shows as having been changed to 5GB of 4G instead. I have cleared out my cache and everything. It did change from the previous 4.5GB however it seems to have not placed the right plan. Can this be fixed?




Mayor / Maire

@kat_laurelin   You could be viewing cached page from earlier so login using incognito or private mode.  You can also try to refresh the page by clicking the refresh option bottom right of the account page.


edit:  perhaps the wrong plan then if you've cleared cache/cookies and then do as suggested to schedule to the plan you want now while it's available.

Mayor / Maire



Log into self service and schedule a plan change for your next renewal date. If you choose the 4G tab and keep arrowing down you should see the plan you want.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


Try ageeain incognito mode/private mode or simply try refreshing the page on the yellow circle while signed in to public mobile



Refresh page.                                ^^^   

edit if that fails reach out to support 

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