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Old Public Rewards and switch plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi everyone,
I am currently on the Old Public Rewards system on a $35 3GB plan, and would like to switch to the $30 3GB plan.
I noticed there is no warning about losing my Old Public Rewards but it does have 3x Points-back under the $30 plan.

Does anyone know if I would lose the Old Public Rewards if I do switch to this plan?


Thank you everyone,


Mayor / Maire


Changing plans will not change your rewards program only you can do that by checking the box in your rewards account and agreeing to join the points program which you would then regret your folly and rue the day pm created the points program. Public mobile is incapable of communicating clearly, concisely and effectively with their customers on different rewards programs. If you are confused by pm messaging before you do anything consult the community for clarification.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It looks like for the long time loyal fans of PM should keep their plans. There are no incentives to switch to different plans!



Again, no regulars will suggest you to migrate   The main loss will be the $2 Autopay rewards (unless you have plan $40  and above) and the loyalty rewards


Here is a comparison for you to understand old vs new 


  1.  $2 Autopay is no longer there and replaced with 5% ,  you get less (but you get 5% for your other Add-on purchases as well)
  2. No more loyalty rewards, meaning the loyalty discount of $1/month up to $5/month will disappear. Instead, they will only give $10 each year on the anniversary.

    For someone with PM between 1st to 12th month
                  The old reward system will give $0 that year, versus $10 at the end of the 12th month with thew new system
    For someone with PM between the 13th and 24th month:
                    The old reward program will give $12 that year ($1/cycle), versus $10 at the end of the 24th month with the new system
    For someone with PM between months 25th and 36th:
                   the old reward program will give $24 that year ($2/cycle), versus $10 at the end of the 36th month with the new system
    for someone with PM between months 61 and 72 (and every year after that after that point)
                  the old reward program will give $60/year ($5/cycle) versus $10/year under the new system 

  3. You can no longer apply $1 or $2 you got to the bill right a way, you have to collect enough to 15 points to cash out $15 in one shot
    Also, you have to remember to convert your points to dollars once it reaches 15 points.  PM no longer automatic apply the reward discount.

On the other hand, the goodies for new system,

- 5% Points back for add-on purchases as well

- add-ons are around 33% cheaper when you redeem with Public Points
- you can use 1 point for lucky draw, so, technically you bet $1 and can win an iPhone 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am still confuse about this old vs new rewards. If I change to a plan with 3x points indicated in the bottom that’s new plan? I will lose my old rewards (loyalty & auto pay)?

Mayor / Maire

@kellyrichard    Have you already changed or scheduled a change in plans? 


You might want to scroll with arrow and select $30/3GB plan or $35/4.5GB plan at 3Gspeed instead of the $35/3GB in your screenshot.


edit:  nvd, my mistake as I see you are changing to the newer plan.

Mayor / Maire

@kellyrichard     Just as FYI:  you know that PM is currently offering customers $40/15GB and $45/20GB plan which are not advertised on the plans page but are available in self serve account under the 4G speed plans? 


There's also the $55/20GB plan which is being discounted to $35 by entering the code 20OFFMONTHLY for 15 months which has also been available to existing customers although there's been confusion around this code working unless doing immediate plan change as normally you want to Change at Next Renewal since PM doesn't prorate or refund for unused days left the current cycle.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Posts I have read says to stay with older rewards if you have them.  I also think the 3x points is for a new account as I only get 5%.

Mayor / Maire



You will not lose your old rewards. Rewards are not tied to the plan.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@kellyrichard hi no you will not lose your rewards,just don't change to new system you will lose more then you will gain 

Mayor / Maire

Your rewards are tied up with your Account NOT plan so you are free to switch plans as you wish without worries of losing any rewards. And you will Not be switched to points Unless you do that by yourself accidentally!

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