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No Response from Customer Service Agent for 4 Days

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I am still trying to sort out the issue of my phone order being stolen. My original post is here:


I tried to open a ticket with PM on Thursday and it would not work at all, exact same issue as this post, even after trying all the recommended steps outlined here, no luck :


So I did what was recommended which was to send a DM to a CS Agent. I have sent a DM to CS Agent on Thursday (Nov17) and got no response within 48 hours so I sent a follow up message 2 days later (Nov 19), still no response at all. I also send another one today (Nov 20th) and no response at all.


UPS has been of no help saying I am not able to file a claim for this type of order and that the sender Public Mobile/Telus has to submit this claim on my behalf. I called Telus and was on hold for over 1.5h for them to tell me that they cannot help me and to work this out through PM.


This is extremely frustrating, especially given that whoever stole my phone is getting away with it day by day with all this delay from PM/UPS. Is there anything else I can do, or anyone else I can contact? Thanks in advance!


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

From your reply its clear that you either did not read the post or you have trouble understanding. Don't bother posting if you have nothing valuable to say especially when this is suppose to be a respectful and helpful community to help resolve issues. Much thanks to everyone else who actually replied with useful comments, I will wait for reply from PM and get in touch with my CC. 

Mayor / Maire

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

From my experience agent reply within 15-90 minutes and usually issue is resolved by the end of day.

I would suggest to send another note to agent but make is short and sweet. Something like 'I did not receive phone but UPS claim they delivered. Please advise how to proceed.' If you send initial long note maybe it will be set aside to read when they have more time.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

What are you expecting PM does? Find your phone?  If you lost your cellphone or got stolen or whatever, is your problem. The only thing that can be done, is to report the account to make it suspended, that's it!

Mayor / Maire


did you check to see if your credit card has coverage for this kind of thing ? Some do, 'ya know.

Mayor / Maire

@lm4789   message them again.  It's weekend and it could be Monday before they come back


I am not surprised UPS did not take your calls.  Situation like this needs to have the ticket opened by the sender and not the receiver.  PM certainly can open a ticket with UPS for investigation.  They might even have insurance on the package but the ticket needs to be opened from the sender, PM


Also, you need them to open the ticket with you, and maybe with UPS for you to take it as a proof to go back to your credit card (assuming your credit card will cover it)


So, have some patience.  Message PM again to get the ball rolling

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Sometimes they respond almost immediately other times a few days and sometimes they just don't want to respond. Perhaps you can contact your credit card company and have them try to stop the payment -- 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Nothing on the message box on top right. Yes, I did try to submit a ticket via SIMon and was receiving an error with that and unable to do so as stated in my post. I will try the link you gave to DM them again, thank you. 

Mayor / Maire

@lm4789   It's odd that you've not received any response yet.  So there's nothing in the message box top right yet?


Try send another private message just in case there was an issue with your earlier link, try this one:


Have you tried to submit a ticket via chatbot?  You can try this before sending the private message here:

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