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My new promo plan didn’t take effect

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I signed up for a new promo plan, the $40/month 4G 15 GB offer on Nov 2 and requested it change upon my renewal date. My plan renewed today (Nov 27), but I’m still on my old plan. Any ideas how to fix this? I actually got a friend to join PM to get that promo and they did, but I didn’t. 



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I know this sounds simple but it happened to me too. Have you tried refreshing both your main page with you summary and the plan page. Mine was still showing a $25/1Gb plan when I'd updated it to go into effect last week. After refreshing a few times, the right plan came up and I didn't have to pay extra (checked my credit card and they'd correctly billed the $40). Hope this helps.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I also had this issue when checking my account today! I replied to the text earlier this month and everything updated just fine at my renewal about 8 days ago, but logging in on desktop today still showed my old plan details and bonuses.

Hitting refresh on each category (Usage, Add-ons, Bonus Add-ons) updated them properly. I'm sure clearing the browser cache or using a private browsing mode with a temporary new cache would do the trick too.

Mayor / Maire

If your previous plan was a different price than this $40 then did you pay the $40?

If you had replied to a text then it seems that clever idea didn't actually work. You can do another plan change and select next renewal and then you'll have for the next renewal.


@wmarleau   the current My Account has serious problem with cache.  Please use Incognito mode to login to My Account and check again.  You should see the proper plan with Incognito mode.

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