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Minutes being charged

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My new account (set up yesterday) was charged with 2 minutes useage yesterday and another 2 minutes again today.  But I have not yet made any calls.  Why is this happening?  Do I need to do something to stop it?


Mayor / Maire

@iphone11RT hi did you setup or check your voicemail? that takes minutes

Mayor / Maire


Did you call or someone call you and use your voicemail? Did you set up your voicemail? Are you seeing 4/100min on your 100 outgoing minutes counter on your overview page?

Mayor / Maire

Did you check voicemail ? That will use minutes too. If you have the $15 plan., I'd recommend getting the $5 / 500 minutes of Canada wide calling add-on. Those add-on minutes will help when you run outta regular plan minutes AND they don't expire until you use 'em up.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Just to be clear, you're not actually being charged. Just taking minutes. You calling the voicemail system takes minutes. You calling out to regular numbers takes minutes.

If you're looking at the usage details then that simply shows everything happening with your services.

Mayor / Maire

HI @iphone11RT  is the last 4 digits of the number 4001 or 4002 or 4003 or 4004 or 4005?  Maybe you were setting up voicemail or checking voicemail?


checking voicemail will cause you minutes.  But if you are on $25 plan or more, you don't really need to care as you have unlimited minutes


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes -- I am seeing 4/100min when I sign in.  I did have 2 voicemails and they were both from Public Mobile (presumably) asking me to set up my voicemail.  Charging me for these incoming calls from Public Mobile seems kinda unfair -- the company is charging me for an incoming call they are making to me . . . ?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for your suggestion.  If I understand you and purchase 500 minutes for $5.00, they do not expire at the end of the month but carry forward untilthey are used . . . is this correct?

HI @iphone11RT   


Oh you are on $15 plan


Yes, the trick we use here is to use landline to check voicemail.  Or install a VoIP app like Fongo and use the VoIP app to check voicemail to save the minutes


@iphone11RT wrote:

Thanks for your suggestion.  If I understand you and purchase 500 minutes for $5.00, they do not expire at the end of the month but carry forward untilthey are used . . . is this correct?



Partially-consumed add-on minutes and add-on data continue to rollover to subsequent billing cycles until they are fully used up. They fall off the account once they're all consumed. One-time purchase and one-time use (across any span of time), they don't have to be renewed (unless you use them all up and want to buy more).


Plan minutes/data are always consumed first. Add-on minutes/data are only used when Plan minutes/data are gone or when Plan calling (Province-wide, Canada-wide, whatever) are unable to dial a call to other places. Plan minutes/data renew each billing cycle, of course, while only the unused portions of Add-on minutes/data will be available (until they're all gone and the Add-on falls of the account).


You can check your voicemail from any phone by dialing your own phone number (and entering your PIN). You can also adjust your voicemail settings to "Rapid Prompts" which remove most of the annoying computer babble and thus consume fewer of your minutes while you check voicemail from your own number.


Incoming calls are unlimited (do not use your limited minutes) on the current $15 plan. But they will still be logged on your Self-Serve usage history.


New activations and number ports sometimes produce little bugs in the system. These usually sort themselves out (stop happening anymore) after a few business days.


Public Mobile has given a variety of free gift add-ons to subscribers in recent years, especially during xmas holidays. No guarantee that they'll do this again, but it has become something of an established tradition.