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I over paid my phone bill

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I accidently paid my phone bill twice, can I get a refund of the extra I paid?


Mayor / Maire

hi @TracyJoanne 


your overpaid amount will be staying as Available Fund,  and can be used for your next renewal.   Just let it stay there,  Pm is usually do not provide refund unless it is a system error 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hi @TracyJoanne 

go to your account in front of the mien page do you see that amount at Available Fund,

if see it, then ok keep it for next cycle will be taken from there automatically..

Mayor / Maire

If you see extra money on your account, just live it there as it will be used for net renewal.

You can ask for refund from agent but it might take a while - same time for refund as arrival of next renewal date.

Mayor / Maire

@TracyJoanne check credit card see if one charges posted and the other pending if one’s is pending it will most likely fall off also you can check self serve and see if you have a credit in payment tab .. if you are owed a refund you need support here’s the link 

Getting support / submit ticket


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