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How do I add a voucher and not use my credit card

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a few  problems.

I cant submit  a ticket as I always get a white screen  that never loads.

I have the PM app and I cant go to my account because when I do it just gives me a blank white screen. The my rewards button gives the same.

So I figure I cant ever see my account and I have no way to make a ticket cause everything is a white screen so I will ask the community  my questions...

I used as prepaid card to activate my sim and pay the first  month. I don't ever want to use the card again. I want to only use topup credit. So as long as I have enough topup money in my account, will it just take that money automatly instead of trying to take from my card? So do I just need to make sure I always have topup credit before my billing day comes in order for them not to touch  my credit card? And what happens if I forget to pay and my credit card declines. Can I still just use topup credit?

Next question. Say I get 50GB data a month for $50 a month. And I use all 50GB. Can I pay another $50 plan a d get the 50GB again? Or do they force you to wait and your not allowed to by the plan again? I don't  see why they would need you to wait  if your willing to pay the $50 again?


Mayor / Maire


You can add a voucher payment up until 1:59am eastern on the morning of your renewal date (Day 1/30) to ensure you renew without interruption. After that time you risk suspension but if renewal plan payment debits occur late (which often happens) adding a voucher payment (or card payment) after that time but before renewal debits are taken you will safely renew along with everyone else.

If you add a payment after renewal payments are automatically debited you risk suspension that is scheduled to occur 4 hours later at 6am eastern (or as late as noon eastern depending on how late renewals payment debits occurred.) In that case you may have to manually pay for your plan with the account balance from your voucher and/or card payment.

When paying after midnight eastern on your renewal date it's advisable to use 611 or calling 1 855 4PUBLIC and entering your 10 digit phone #. This is partially because of the amount of downtime the online self serve suffers from "unscheduled maintenance" between midnight and 4 to 6am eastern. Unless your account is suspended via lost/stolen all payments that are made via the 611/IVR system that equals or exceeds your plan amount will automatically reactivate your account and plan.

You may find the following posts helpful...

Be sure to check some of links contained within these posts as well such as the "voucher catalogue".

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I've never used the ticket system whether or not is working....? I prefer to send a detailed private message that includes the info to pre-verify my account: (full name, address, email, phone # and 4 digit account pin...sent to customer support only "CS_Agent".)!-id/22437

So far all of my referrals with an unlimited "5G" data plan get "slow" data speeds after their plan data runs out tested at 512kbps. You can opt for an early renewal at any time. You will need to schedule a change plan on next renewal for your current plan to appear as an option to choose as an immediate plan change. Be sure to check afterwards that you cancel the scheduled plan change if it doesn't do it automatically for you ?

Mayor / Maire

Hi @TomDollz 

With regards to paying just with vouchers, there is no problems with that at all. Just always remember to top up often so your account isn't on hold. You can go into your payment section, manage payment, toggle the auto payment to the left and then go to use voucher. Easy as pie.

With regards to your other question, there's been a conflict of conversation with regards to once your data is done it's done. But folks here have also said that if you're on a 5G plan then once you hit your 50GB it goes down to very slow speeds. 

2. Data speeds reduced to a maximum of 512Kbps after your included high-speed data bucket is exhausted. 

You can always contact a CS Agent via the link below to confirm if 5G plans are reduced once 50GB is done.

Mayor / Maire

@TomDollz  You can load vouchers *611 or in your account payment page , you can pay again and start a new 30 day cycle if you run out . You don’t have to wait you just forefit your current cycle and no pro rating to change plans early 

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