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Point Redemption Bill Credits: Account Reactivation

Mayor / Maire

Point Redemptions 


I decided to use points on an account to put towards an account reactivation by redeeming for a $15 bill credit. After asking customer support how long it would take for a redemption to occur (since it's mentioned it could take up to 48 hours in the info on site) I was told it should be instantaneous and if the bill credit covers the plan cost or the amount owing then the reactivation is automatic.


After ensuring there was enough funds in the account balance that a $15 bill credit would cover the balance of the plan amount I set about redeeming 15 points for a $15 bill credit (the only redemption allowed when suspended.)


#1.) Log into your point rewards account. Account suspended. (Clicking on reactivate account brings you back to your self serve account login or the payment page if you have already logged into your self serve account.)


#2.) "Upcoming" Bill amount owing......from the self serve payment page. ($15+tax)


#3.) Points Activity: Point Redemption List before redemption.


#4.) Redemption Catalogue Listings: $15 Bill Credit


#5.) Choosing the $15 Bill Credit option gives you the option to redeem vs a red warning that your account is suspended and to reactivate in order to redeem points.


#6.) You will be given the option to confirm or cancel the redemption.


#7.) Once confirmed you will be sent a confirmation email as per this screen's messaging.


#8.) The Points Activity Redemption page will be updated along with the landing page of your points rewards account.


#9.) Reactivation occurs instantly but you will not see your status change to active until you log into your self serve or return to it if you are already logged in.......


#10.) Payment history shows the plan payment with the current date.


**Also an option for an account reactivation if only the points rewards account is accessible. One advantage a points rewards account member has over $$ rewards customers. 😉😀


Contact customer support if redemptions do not occur immediately and the redemption is time sensitive otherwise the help articles suggest you wait 48 hours. If necessary log in using secret/incognito mode to overcome any caching issues.


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


Great post I'm not on points but I'm sure it's helpful for those that are especially with the current glitch with 611.

Mayor / Maire

Here we appreciate all great and useful reference posts.  Great Community with great members  🙂

Mayor / Maire


Weird I just noticed the date of the redemption February 10th when I clearly did it on February 9th.....I seem to remember redeeming points for the lucky draw for a couple of referrals and the date was a day ahead as well making me think I had missed the draw deadline.

Mayor / Maire

Nice reference post @darlicious . Seems some people like some reference posts but dump on others.

Mayor / Maire

@darlicious  Great post and thanks for testing it out for the Community 


@Community_QA   you brought a good point. 

It said 48 hours to redeem.  So, naturally would be to redeem 2 days before the trip, but what if it comes instantly, then you wasted 2 days out of 15

Or seeing the bill credit comes instantly, then redeem while you are in US , but the data never comes and you got cutoff for as many as 48 hours. 


Wish someone who redeemed roaming can share the experience

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@darlicious k

just wonder how fast data will come, esp. for roaming

Mayor / Maire


Yes there were redemptions for data add ons but I personally did not redeem points for the data.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

you have 2 lines there in the redemption history ,  May 15, Apr 24 

Mayor / Maire


As far as I know.....I didn't do the data redemptions.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@darlicious thanks, great and smooth run 👏 


The data you redeemed earlier was instant, too?

I always wonder redeeming US roaming, is that instant too? if not, how to decide when to redeem?