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Have us and can phone and data and keep loosing cell connection on att

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can and us data and unlimited calls in cdn and us.  ATI keeps getting no service.


@Jolt  Verizon is blocked or 'forbidden' for me; probably for everyone??

Only AT&T and T-Mobile have a roaming agreement with Public Mobile so yes, Verizon will not work.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My experience is that I can use T-Mobil 5G after selecting networks manually on my Pixel 5, and it works as well as T-Mobil works (5G icon on steady). If ATT is selected (manual or auto), the 5G icon top-left flashes very regularly, but no joy. I thought it might be the model of phone (selecting 4G/LTE did not help) but it seems others have the same issue. Verizon is blocked or 'forbidden' for me; probably for everyone??

Mayor / Maire


what make / model is your phone ? Without a volte enabled phone, your talkabilty in US is going to be...underwhelming.

Mayor / Maire

@Cacbbc   Make sure you connect on 4G/LTE and not 5G.  If you have problems making voice calls and don't  have a VoLTE phone then try to connect to T-Mobile and drop the connection to 2G.

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