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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


i have 10gb to use in case I used my 2.5gb i have in my plan every month. I don’t know why today after i used my 2.5gb for this month why the data stopped working and not automatically start using from my extra 10gb.

please I don’t need answer with you might used your 10 gb because no I didn’t use them yet. Thanks 


Mayor / Maire

@memo1995   Sounds like you might have to get an answer and help with that problem from a PM customer service rep.

Get a hold of one by using the Chat Bot Simon to get a service ticket or send a private message to CS_Agent

Mayor / Maire

@memo1995   Do you have data limiter set on your phone? 


What is the 10GB extra data you have, is a one time promo data at activation and if you've been dipping into it previously, then it's possible that you've depleted by now?  Unless it resets every cycle, although I don't remember 10GB data promo, unless you activated with 12GB bonus data for 12 months?