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Call Forward 2FA voice to VOIP

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Since PM has no service outside of CAN/US and most organizations reject VOIP numbers for 2FA codes via text/call, does anyone know if it's possible to set up call forwarding to a VOIP like Fongo and have codes sent via 2FA call so I can receive it on VOIP while outside of CAN/US? Or does the call forwarding mechanism still cause the companies to reject VOIP numbers? I'm not a PM customer yet and I'd test it myself but apparently my current provider (Telus) doesn't include free call forwarding. Thanks

This method would also mitigate me losing access to 2FA logins if I lose my phone abroad. I'd switch 2FA via text/call to an TOTP/authenticator if I could but that's not an option.


I fully understand now. See, here's the odd part. My current PM number was my old Fongo number. I still get 2FA's all the time and no problems. 

With regards to dealing with Telus, why not switch to a different plan that has it? Or is it too good to throw away? Another thing is calling them up and saying that you want to confirm your billing date because you'll be porting out your phone number to another service provider. They'll question why you're leaving and you just say that "Well, I've been with you for a while but I can pay the same amount and get the same service you are providing me but they are offering call forwarding at no charge so, sorry but...  I hate to sever my business with you but... I have no choice and I'm not willing to pay more for it through you while I can get it free from "pick a name" just not PM. Like Rogers or Bell. Either you'll get a CS Agent who's incompetent or one who will give you the feature at no charge to keep you. Give it a try first! 🙂

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm call forwarding PM to Fongo because 2FA codes can be accepted via text OR voice call. The issue is some companies block VOIP numbers when sending 2FA codes (text or call), either VOIP can't accept short code phone numbers for text or they actively block VOIP numbers. So I'm wondering if I set up call forwarding from a legitimate cell number that the companies will send the 2FA code to (via calling), and then call forward that call to my VOIP, will it "trick" the companies to not check it's a VOIP number? Edit: oh and telus has call forwarding sure, but it's not free, I can do it myself if I was just willing to pay a couple dollars to test call forwarding.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

2FA text and calls are blocked by the company sending the 2FA (e.g. CRA and banks) if they see it's a VOIP number, it's not the VOIP provider blocking the call. I think I'm just going to have to ask someone else to help me test it out with their call forwarding. I have read from others that 2FA via call does not work with a subset of companies.

Hi @hTideGnow 

I fully understand what he's talking about. I'm simply saying if @Nexx call forwards his PM phone number to Fongo, the 2FA code is irrelevant. @Nexx won't be able to do it outside of Canada/USA. @Nexx would have to do it while in Canada. I have forwarded my PM phone to my Fongo account while in the US and I've had a 3GB data only card. Worked just fine without any problems.

hi @Chalupa_Batman VoIP can tell 2FA text and can block it. OP wasn't sure if those 2FA via voice calls would be blocked. 

And @Nexx the answer is NO. VoIP won't know those 2FA voice calls  are not  real voice calls and hence won't block it

One you answer my questions, I'm still confused why you're concerned about the 2FA code if you're call forwarding to a VOIP app??? 

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Nexx 

I'm a bit confused here because you seem to be talking about, at least how I read this, is about call forwarding your Public Mobile phone number (when or if you get it) to a VOIP like Fongo to use it outside of Canada/USA on say a data only plan or WiFi wherever you may be going. Am I correct to assume that? 

Furthermore, I'm pretty confident that Telus does offer call forwarding on every plan. 

hi @Nexx 

2FA voice call is just regular voice call, VoIp app can't block and no way to distinguish this from regular calls

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Yes I don't mind unconditional forwarding to my VOIP if I'm abroad. The issue is if organizations will still block VOIP numbers for 2FA code via voice calls after call forwarding from a legitimate local cell number.

hi @Nexx if you are talking about other 2FAs, you can do voice call forwarding but only unconditional forwarding will work now.   So you have to forward all calls.  Conditional forward no longer work 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm not sure why you're talking about short code text if you're doing call forward. This is why I'm not going through text route and instead asking if call forwarding 2FA via voice call to VOIP would work.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Are you talking about 2FA for eversafe specific to PM? I'm specifically looking to see if anyone has tried forwarding 2FA via voice call to VOIP for other organizations, including banks and CRA, which are known to reject both text and calls to VOIP numbers.

hi @Phil_Adelphus don't trust the paid addon with Fongo, tried that..many 2FA still not work. I would say maybe maximums 20% work

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

There are apparently paid add-ons to Fongo that make 2FA codes possible, or at least more so than their free incoming texts version.  More info here 

Mayor / Maire


It depends if Fongo will sent the short code if you call forward your PM number to Fongo.

You can test it out before you leave Canada.

I know the TexNow won’t unless you upgrade to a monthly plan.

Mayor / Maire

@Nexx  You could also just remove the number from your ever safe in profile tab of your account , so it defaults to sending the 2FA to email instead 

Mayor / Maire

hi @Nexx 


And easier, don't even need to forward.  The phone  to receive 2FA can be another number , no need to be your Pm number 

you can set to 2FA phone number to a VoIp number 

go to My Account , Profile, Manage EverSafe id and change phone number there 

Since most VoIP cannot receive 2FA code, so use   2FA to voice call instead.  Just click Didnt receive code and pick voice call

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