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$45 for 20GB plan not active

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



I signed up for $45 for 20GB promo last month and my contract officially renewed today. However, I just checked and on my statement it shows  I am being billed my original plan (90 days) with a renewal date of next month. Something strange is going on here. 


Could someone look into this please. Thank you.



Mayor / Maire

Both @esjliv & @darlicious  have the correct information. 😊


On a go forward @thomasn83 , I would recommend you always log in after going incognito or private tab to avoid this from occurring again.


… that is until public mobile takes the time to address the caching issue and rectify it so users do not have to take these measures to ensure they are receiving accurate information.


As the great Princess Leia once said, “incognito/private tab, you’re our only hope



Mayor / Maire

@thomasn83  - If your plan just renewed today give your account until later today (this afternoon) to complete the renewal and be reflected on your account.


Do you mean you were charged on your credit card statement or do you see the 90 day plan being billed in your My Account payment history?


If you see this in your My Account payment history and after refreshing account, then go back to Schedule a plan change for the next renewal, the $45 for 20 GB should still be available in your My Account.


edit, FYI, we cannot 'look into this' for you, in your account, as we are members like you on the forum. Only Customer Support (CSA) have access to your account; so you need to submit a ticket with them through SIMon Chatbot if it comes down to that.

Mayor / Maire


If indeed autopay glitches and charged you the old 90 day plan price do you see the difference in plan price between your old and new plan sitting in your available funds? You can ask for a refund but it will be easier to just leave it their to pay for your next couple of renewals. Not to worry it won't overcharge you again it's just a glitch that can occur when you have scheduled a change plan on next renewal.

Mayor / Maire


Log out of your self serve account. Clear your browser. Close it. Reboot. Log back in using secret/incognito mode. If you don't see an updated version of your try clicking on the little, round, refresh arrow at the bottom of the plans page. The self serve accounts have a caching issue so it shows old info instead of your new plan. Your payment history should show you that you have paid for your new plan.