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NOW LIVE: Improvements to the Get Started Page

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

Hey Community,


We’re happy to share that this week we’ll be making some improvements to our Get Started webpage. These changes continue our journey to make your experience as clear and simple as possible!


Here is what’s new :


  • Updated Phone Compatibility Checker: Checking your phone’s compatibility with our network is now more accurate than ever

    • We’re updating the database we use to confirm whether your device is compatible with our network, providing you with more reliable results.
    • Like in the past version, it will be a 2-step process where you can check network compatibility, as well as if your phone is marked as lost or stolen. This makes sure you join us without a hitch!
    • We’ve partnered with  to make this improvement and, as a result, the new compatibility checker offers tons of phone brands and models that you can choose from. If you by chance can’t find your make and/ or model, provide feedback directly here.
  • New Store Locator Map: Finding the nearest Public Mobile retailer and payment voucher locations by you is easier

    • Now, you can find the store nearest to you under the ‘Buy a Public Mobile SIM card’ step. Simply enter your address, city or postal code, and select ‘Search’.
    • Looking for a store that sells payment vouchers or instant top ups? Scroll down to the bottom of this page, select payment vouchers, click on the company’s logo and it will take you to their store locator to find the one nearest you.
    • We recommend that you call the store in advance of  driving to a payment voucher location. Each store is responsible for their own availability, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!


  • Introducing Store Feedback Capability: Providing feedback on your store experience is simpler than ever  
    • We love hearing your feedback and take what you share to heart. As we continued to launch in more retail locations, we saw an increasing amount of feedback on your store experiences.
    • Now, you can leave a review of your store experience by selecting ‘Find a Store’ under step 2 on the Get Started  page or by selecting the option in the footer of our website. You can also access it here.


Let us know what you think by commenting below!


-Public Mobile Community Team  



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Nice! Really like the store feedback idea. That will help a lot with people just wanting to get a SIM alone. I added feedback on my "local" Walmart.

They weren't terrible 🙂

The voucher part is a nice reference but it is very important to call ahead (or check them without expectation) as the Home Depot and one of the Shoppers in my area don't sell them.


Thanks for the updates.

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Very nice improvements overall. Good to know we can leave review feedback by store, sales rep, etc.

PM store locator.jpg

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@Brooke_C, I've sent a PM with information on an incorrect map location and address for a retailer.



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Not sure if the change to this page will also included fixing the Store Locator page (since it links to it). In case it does not, please take a look at the following:


Problem with Store Locator



@pm-smayer97 wrote:


Not sure if the change to this page will also included fixing the Store Locator page (since it links to it). In case it does not, please take a look at the following:


Problem with Store Locator


I agree. It worked fine for me initially but now not. Glad I'm not alone 🙂


Edit: False alarm. Now it works. It didn't a little while ago.


Are the reviews being moderated? Will everyone be able to see them? If moderated, what sort of time delay?

Knowing where to buy voucher is good for when autopay fails and you need to know where to buy a voucher.  If your phone stops working because of payment issue, you don't want to guess where to go to buy.

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@Brooke_C  this is awesome, definitely a much needed addition to the page.  Really like the store locator option.  Suggest as a penalty to Walmart to not include them on this locator, lol.  Since they don;t seem to want to do things the right way, this can be their "punishment".


Also the feedback option I think is crucial, because it will give you guys better tracking/monitoring capabilities, and hopefully depending on the frequency, you'll be able to act o some of the feedback your getting about these retailers (i.e. Walmart specifically).