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Update Payment Method

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I log into MyAccount, there is no option to access payment methods. It takes me back to the page I started on. 


Mayor / Maire

Hey @Monte1 

Honestly, doing it on a PC can be a pain in the butt most times. So many cache issues. Have you tried the app? Oddly enough, I find using the app much better than online. If you try it on the app and the first time it doesn't work, don't worry. Do not try it a second time. What you do is on your phone, go into your settings, then applications, then find the PM app, open it and clear the cache them data. Then reboot your phone. Then open the app, you'll need to re enter your email and password. Once you're in, proceed to update your payment. It worked for me and many others much better than online.



try logging in again using browser with Incognito mode

If you can login successfully, go to Payment page ,Manage  Subscription and Manage Payment Method to update the card information

Or try also the Public Mobile app.  Download it from appstore and login and update the card information using the app

Mayor / Maire

If you’re using the app, try using the website, or vice versa.

You may also see a ”+” symbol on the bottom left, if you tap that it may open up extra viewing options.

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