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Are you outgrowing your plan? An offer from our friends at TELUS.

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

Hey Community,


At Public Mobile, we're for you. We recognize that sometimes our customers' needs may change, whether you need more data or even a new phone. That’s why, today we're pleased to let our Community know that our friends at TELUS are offering a great deal exclusive for Public Mobile customers!


Launching today and available until November 18th, 2020, 11:59PM EST, Public Mobile customers are eligible for a $120 bill credit when they call in and switch to any TELUS Peace of Mind plan. 



  1. Got your eye on the latest iPhone? Get access to the latest, greatest phones at $0 upfront and device financing over 24 months
  2. Get 10-50GB high-speed 4G LTE data + endless data (that means unlimited data) at reduced speeds
  3. Get access to TELUS’s 24/7 call centres support






How it works:

  1. Customers can redeem this offer by calling 1-877-689-8430 to initiate an activation on a TELUS postpaid plan.
  2. Customers who successfully complete the credit check will have their hardware (SIM and/or device) sent over to their address.
  3. Customers will port-in their Public Mobile phone number through their TELUS My Account once they have received their hardware (SIM and/or device).


Important thing to note:

  • A credit check is required to assess eligibility.
  • The customer’s Public Mobile account will be cancelled when the port to TELUS has been completed.
  • Please note that the customer’s Public Mobile account balance will not transfer after porting out to TELUS.


Sounding like a good deal? We’re for you, which is why we’d love to see you grow a relationship with our friends at TELUS. To learn more about TELUS, click here.


- The Public Mobile Team


Mayor / Maire

Not gonna happen @Catherine_T ! 🙂

Love Public Mobile. Quirks and all.

(well...except taking customer money should be bulletproof and easy)


@Catherine_T  Does that mean that public mobile will close soon...??

I don’t want to change anyway.😉

Mayor / Maire

@Catherine_T  yea why stay here when you can pay 2-3 times more at telus lol

Mayor / Maire

Sorry I fail to see any deal here. $120 bill credits 🙄 those type of deals always come up for everyone not just PM subscribers. Think it was last week Koodo had $140 bill credit for new signups.


Got to do better Catherine. Besides Black Friday is coming up and all the offers of gift cards with new phones will be way better than this.


Maybe one day PM will work on something for members that want to stay with PM and not try to switch us over to Koodo or Telus.


I am not going anywhere.  I just started into year 5 here.  I want $5 loyalty credit same time next year!

Maybe, Public Mobile is going to offer this $75 plan to Public Mobile customers. It'll probably be at "3g" speed". $75 is getting expensive.  Would most who are willing to pay that much for a plan even be at Public Mobile to begin with?

For me to out grow my $15 plan with 250MB of data to needing a $75 plan with 10GB of LTE data, I would need to expand my needs faster than my waist during the pandemic.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi.....did anyone else get one of these offers?


Get endless data1 with 10GB of high-speed data
on a TELUS Peace of Mind™ plan for
Plus, save a bonus $120 in bill credits.3
Join the world’s fastest network4 and experience
speeds up to 10x faster than your current plan.5

Call 1-877-689-8430

Offer valid for current Public customers. A $60 bill credit will be
applied for 2 months. Offer valid until November 18th, 2020.


For those PM subscribers who activated a PM without doing any due diligence before sign up.  It is too late now to find out that PM does not have call center.  For PM subscribers like to call someone to fix account issues, here is your chance to move to a service with call center.  But you are paying for the full service plan.  But if you already using Telus Internet service at home, your get extra $5 off by adding Telus Mobile service to your Telus Internet account.  


When you have 2 or more services with Telus, you can join the Telus Reward program.  Subscriber can redeem 50 reward points for $50 Telus GC to pay for your monthly fee.


How do I know these things?  I like to do my due diligence before spending my money.  I hate surprises.  You may ask me why I am staying with PM.  You should know the answer which is the same as yours.


Have a better and better days!