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Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

Just yesterday I highly praised Public Mobile about only having positive experience. And we warmly welcomed new members into our family. Oh my.... how bad I feel for doing that. I feel like a traitor.

But it surely looks like Public Mobile is going to intentionally shut down..... because they will lose a huge amount of members as the $120/90 promo had the biggest influx.


Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!


just paid for the next 3 months, are you going to refund the rest ?

No. You will get a $100 credit from Koodo when you jump ships. So, if you wait until ~ Mar 5 you should break even.

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.
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Forced $10 price increase... SOLUTION

WOW... Just recieved a call from a Koodo store in my area asking me if im going to switch over soon. Are you **bleep**ing serious?! Way to piss people off even more. Id rather pay more with anyone else than any Telus owned company at this point.


PM should be  grandfathering plans instead of forcing customers to move to its sister company or suffer a 30% price hike.  Im submitting a complaint to the CCTS and anyone else who feels ripped off should do so as well:


YouYguys  youare crazy if youyou th I'm going move to koodo. I'll never deal with any Telus owned company again. You guys just got a world of bad PR and are going to lose alot of loyal customers. All because of $10 lol...



This is a also a violation of the Competition Act, bait and switch advertising

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It's also insult to injury that PM waited until now to tell us. They know roughly most people signed up in November for the $40/4gb plan, so they also know that by telling us now that most of us have just renewed another 3 months very recently. They are hoping that we will all take a loss.  The $100 credit doesn't cover this because a koodo sim is $15, koodos plan is technically $3 more per month (since we lose our auto pay credit).



Proof of PM promising rates wont change (thanks @yo 😞

"If you have signed up for the promotional plan, you will be able to keep it after the promo period, as long as you are an active customer. This means that, as long as you are an active customer on this plan, your plan price will remain at $120, even after your initial 90 days. No surprises."


Ive also saved the above link as a PDF to use as proof to backup my complaint, I suggest you guys do so as well. It will most likely be deleted....



If any of you do leave, I advise trying to get a chargeback fro myour credit card. By forcing you to switch early they are screwing you out of months. They say it's your choice, but it's really not because they are giving you us limited time offer, **bleep** that.


Also if you want to see a change, post threads about this on Reddit, mobilesyrup etc. 


Here's a good Reddit thread to upvote/comment on


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

I got the text and I'm pretty annoyed. I just paid Public mobile for 90 days 3 days ago. Why doesn't the rate increase start at the next renewal date? Why is the Koodo promo valid for such a short period of time? What's to stop Koodo from increasing their rates by $10 if we do switch?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other carriers came in and price matched the $40/4GB PM rate. It makes perfect sense for them to do that, actually.

Collective outrage: check
Anger at Telus and flanker brands: check
Mass number of people ready to switch?: check

Perfect storm.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!


Lost potential income is not the same as lost income



Because telus is losing money from pm  


Telus lost a bunch of their customers to pm and have continued to lose money as long as they were pm customers. Did you really think their business model would be sustainable. Money off every year, money off each referral. This was their plan all along. 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

-$15.00 for a Koodo SIM card, and a loss of any paid add-ons you had. Far less than $100 in the end.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

Ergh. That is a huge increase $30 increase on a $120 plan.  25% in essentially 1 year.

I've only been on the plan for what about 1y 3mo as just got the1st-year loyalty credit. 


My wife just renewed days ago - so I guess she's price protected at PM but only until May & would lose out on the Koodo offer. Fortunately, I renew Mar 3rd so can consider this but just got the 1 yr loyalty credit & highest community credit I've had so far. 


I came from Koodo - so was happy with their service.  But since moving - I really like the 90-day term & no risks with roaming (don't even have to go into airplane mode if pop across order). 

It would be nice to get deals n phones - such as the recent deal on an  Essential phone for loyal customers or recent Pixel 2 deals. (I didn't do the sign up & cancel thing & making the Nexus 6 last 1 more year)


As both wife & I rarely use all the data - may be able to consider a cheaper plan but doubt much will be available.  Gosh between this & my SHaw increasing internet/ tv (yes I still have tv but those days are coming to an end with the ending of bundle deals). ..


lots of reading tonight as I look at the feedback  

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

Telus OWNS Public Mobile.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!


I regret not switching to FIDO 10GB plan for $60 a month ago. 

ME TOO!!!!!!!

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