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[NEW] Blog Post: Phone Recycling

The Call to Recycle: Transforming Old Phones into New Opportunities In an age where technology evolves at lightning speed, most of us have old mobile phones collecting dust in drawers. But what if those forgotten handsets could help reduce waste, sav...

J_PM by Public Mobile
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Blog Post: Unlock the Power of Public Points

The More You Know: Unlock the Power of Public Points Introduction As a subscriber to Public Mobile, you're likely familiar with the variety of unique perks that come with using our service. Among them is the Public Points Rewards program, which is a...

J_PM by Public Mobile
  • 60 replies
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Blog Post: Why 5G is the Future with Public Mobile

When it comes to technology, standing still is the same as moving backward. That's why at Public Mobile, we're not just keeping pace with change; we're leading the way with Canada's first 5G subscription phone service.  What's So Special About 5G?5G ...

Public Mobile_WhyPublic_Reliabilty_VerticalBars_5GIcon_Sand.png
J_PM by Public Mobile
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Top Contributors 2023

Hey Community,    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the great conversations this month!    We'd like to encourage community members to congratulate other members and share comments under this thread. However, we will keep the Top Contributors ...

J_PM by Public Mobile
  • 352 replies
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Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data It has probably been asked and Discussed beforebut I am curious if PM is going to offer Unlimited Dataat some Point in the Future Looking Forward to your Replies

RCO by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
  • 4 replies
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Random thought

Random thought . Who made up the words we use to describe things that we all know and understand ? And did the truly think it thru ? For example I just busted open a new tooth brush I got for x mas and I started thinking why is it called tooth brush ...

Handy1 by Mayor / Maire
  • 7 replies
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Re: Can parent get a tariff for a child (less than 18)?

@DanilFedorov  If by chance you are asking if there is a special rate for minors, no there is not. All pricing is available to all age groups  (even for pets for those who may feel they need a device to go with their fancy sweaters and paw stockings/...

HALIMACS by Mayor / Maire
  • 5 replies
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Is Lenny still alive?

About a year ago @Nezgar posted an update to his Lenny setup, but it does not seem to be working any more, and, in fact, none of the SIP URLs for connections with Lenny that at one time or another had been shared on the web seem to be working any lon...

Natsu by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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It looks like nothing will be of DotMobile? I did 'register' with them but no news since June 2021.I guess free phone is not to be in this country. Big 3 have full grip and monopoly on the most expensive mobile service in the world.

Yummy by Mayor / Maire
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! What has happened to the quality of PM customer support?

@J_PM What in the heck has happened to the quality of Public Mobile's customer support? This is not to say public mobile does not still have good customer support agents but in the past 11 days of dealing with various agents on a variety of issues fo...

darlicious by Mayor / Maire
  • 54 replies
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Tips from the Salespeople

I'm reaching out the to sales savvy folks out there. What's your angle in pitching Public Mobile to your friends and family? I have a shiny new referral code that I'd love to get some miles on. In my job I've learned people don't typically like takin...

tgreek7 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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Congratulations Lieux - 1000+ solutions

 Shoutout to Oracle @Lieux  for reaching 1000th solution on the first day of the new year!!!  Lieux is the 9th person joining the 1000+ solutions club @computergeek541 @Anonymous@softech @Dunkman @will13am @esjliv @darlicious @hTideGnow @Lieux  Lieux...

softech by Oracle
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Can a screen protector be cut down to the correct size?

First, I hope everybody had a great Christmas, Hannukah, Kwaanza and New Year’s Day (for those who celebrate it on January the first) or whatever else you celebrate! Please do not be offended if I missed somebody’s religious holy day which occurred i...

Word-Nerd by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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Wish u all a Happy New year 2023

This is just an appreciation post for all the support you guys are providing here! I am very grateful for that. Have a great year ahead, guys.

Mrbeast01 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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Happy New Year

I wish every member have a wonderful year. Happy Holidays.

kaytus by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
  • 6 replies
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Mexico SIM card telcel

Hi! Bought telcel SIM card (Mexico’s largest provider) for trip to Mexico. Limited wi-fi. Have you had good experience with it?In their instructions it says iPhone may not be supported due to unlocking issue - contact your carrier (Public Mobile) to ...

Traveler22 by New Neighbour / Nouveau Voisin
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Dunkman by Oracle
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