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Another thread extraction from a porting number thread

Mayor / Maire

@HALIMACS- lol Every now and again I check. Yup ok. Every time I post it I wonder if it's still there. I knew it had to be removed eventually seeing as how they don't seem to like it being posted. It's a complete and utter mystery to me why not but here we are.

Thanks for letting me know. So I'll use another one until they remove that one too. Too funny.


@Luddite- Or 1 TIG BEA POST Pretty limited possibilities for English words. I think Telus might have another number. But I'm pretty sure this one is the one for us to use.

@Luddite i can't believe you give out the PORT easily.. why not SNPV or RMPU

@dust2dust @HALIMACS  Wonder if "call 1 UGH BEA PORT" is acceptable. There seem to be two numbers?

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

@HALIMACS- It takes a moment to suss out the customer on the other side. Oh, no, we don't do that here. Have a nice day. Click. The queue goes faster. Oh, porting problem sure let's see. Working now? No I won't deal with that other question while you're here, have a nice day, click.
And the number is easily findable out in the wilds. It's just weird to me why they don't like it posted.

Mayor / Maire


Public Mobile does not 'trust' it's subscribers wouldn't call it for every issue - that's likely why it's not publicly provided.

Thing is - they're probably right 🤣🤣

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