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service is too bad

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i cant use the data service at my office or most of the place i went to. i need to cancel the plan pro-rated. 


HI @xuechen 

but what phone do you have? did you try Reset All networks? Can you not able to use data at all or just selected location?

if you want, you can try to discuss option with CS agent by direct message:

please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i only signed up couple days ago, and its not useable, i cant pay for this, sry

Mayor / Maire

HI @xuechen 

there is no prorated refund as PM is a prepaid provider

may i know what phones you have?  Make sure your phone is set to Automatic on network mode.  If that does not help, try 3G and see 

if you really want to cancel the service, disable Autopay so PM won't charge you on renewal.  Login My Account, Subscription & Add-on, Manage Subscription and disable "Subscribed"

Mayor / Maire

Hello @xuechen 

You may wish to go into your network settings and pick Public Mobile instead of having it on Automatic. Then reboot. This may help. I myself have the same problem at work. I have 1 bar. But all of us at work have the same problem. 1 bar on Bell, Telus, Rogers... all the same. The building blocks everything. Maybe your office does the same. Have some co-workers stop by your desk who use other providers and see what their signal is like. Find one with Telus if you can. That can show if there is a problem or not.

Mayor / Maire

@xuechen  Sorry PM is pre paid no refunds/prorating your best to just port out few days before your next renewal to avoid losing money 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hi @xuechen, sadly PM is prepaid and does not do a prorated refund. However, they have a good network, make sure that your device is properly set up. Check your APN settings, more info here:

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