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re The Points Reward System

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi all,

I am a senior, I just got my bank statement and did not get any rewards to my balance, So Public Mobile is charging

me for the full amount, without any rewards credit.

DO I need to keep checking my account to find out if I have earned $15 in points then I can redeem it and apply it to my bill??  Thats too much to ask for a seniors.   Thank you for your responses..



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi Raving Raven,

I have the $15 plan. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Please ignore the above member.

Which plan do you have? If it's $25+ there are better plans with cheaper prices and/or more features. If you have the $15 plan you may be better off with either the Telus $100/yr unlimited calling/texting plan (for the next 2 years) or checking to see if you qualify for their "Seniors for Good" program that offers low cost mobility and internet plans.

As far as points go just keep in mind you get 5% back from payments per 30 days. $15=0.75pts ($0.75) or $25=1.25pts/$1.25 so at most with the 10 points you recieve on the anniversary of your activation and the 5 welcome points you will be able to redeem is 1 maybe 2/$15 bill credits per year. Otherwise community points and friend referrals earn at the same rate as before but in points if this applies in your case.

Telus has rebranded Public Mobile as an online only/in app provider offering low cost 5G/4G plans. Their focus is on attracting customers with newer 5G devices seeking plans with large or unlimited data with fast speeds. They have eliminated the option to change to a $15 plan for current customers and have targeted legacy $15 plan users for migration to higher cost plans.

Mayor / Maire

It's not a bad idea to have to log in once in a while, I've noticed quite a few who are upset about the change to the points system haven't been keeping up with the new plans and are paying more than they needed to.  Having said that, PM sends emails with summaries of your points every so often so unless you have opted out of emails (I'm not sure if that would even include the points summaries) you should be reminded periodically of how many points you have without logging in frequently. 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi @happylady, there's no doubt having the discounts applied automatically was far more convenient and the amount of reward points was much better too but the new Points system is still better than nothing and from what I have seen out there from other mobile carriers they don't seem to offer any points or rewards. You will still get 10 points each year on your renewal anniversary and 1 point for any friends/family you have referred. 1 point = 1 dollar. As for trying to remember to check your points, one trick you can try is to setup a reminder in your calendar once a month to check on your points total. If you find that one month does not earn you enough points you can change your reminder to occur maybe every 3 months or whatever you think makes the best sense for you. If you are using an iPhone you can ask Siri to create a reminder for you and I'm sure Android will do the same for you if you ask Google.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for your reply.  When i got my bank statement i was so unhappy as PM has charged me the full amount without any credit that i used to get every month.  

Now I know how that work, but still do not like the new points system.  








it's gonna take some gettin' used to for us seniors, that's for sure. Log in you your account and navigate around to get used to what it looks like. If you run into probs, come her to the Community Forum anytime and we can work on it togeather.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


the points not going away.  So, you forgot one month, they are still here the next.  If you are lazy, check once every 6 months or annually, if you missed earlier and see 30 points, you can redeem for $30

don't think PM is being any worse to senior or not.  I see many time, it is not the group that being targeted, it is more the people thought they are being targeted and hence got upset out of nowhere

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So I have to check every 2-3 months to find out if i earned enough points to redeem it and apply the $15 to my next bill?  If thats the case I hate this new system.  we have to pay the full acount every month and get the credit later when we redeem the points.  What if I forget to redeem??  I am a senior and not very good with the system, took me a long time to figure this site out, and with my momory I will have to pay my monthy bills in full and until one day i remember to redeem the points.  Public Mobile tring to kick the seniors out of their company? 

Mayor / Maire


yes, there's been some changes. No longer are there Rewards. As of May, now we get Points based on our spend. You also get points on your anniversay. As you found out, now we must go into our account and make a selection once we've amassed enough points for add-ons or Renewal costs.

Here's a link for info...


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