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question about a payment

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I see on my credit card account ( ending 1939 ) a bill of 37.94$ from publicmobile  .. this card is used to pay my service as well as my son's and my wife's. I do not understand this bill, could you please tell me where this bill comes from ?



Mayor / Maire

Hi @ramiaziz   you are not sure which account that payment is for?


what you can do is to call 1-855-4PUBLIC couple times, each time, enter one of the phone number (yours, your wife's and your son's)  It will tell you the account is active and the next renewal date.  Le's assume the payment was yesterday (Jan 30), then which ever account is going to renewal again Mar 1 would be the one this payment paid for.


Mayor / Maire

Depending on a province, your bill could be $33+15% tax = 37.95. (Plan $35 - $2 rewards).

When was your renewal date?

What plan do you have and what rewards are applied?

Mayor / Maire

Looks like a $33 plan (rewards?) in QC. $33 + 14.975% of taxes - $37.94

Mayor / Maire



Log into your self serve accounts, and under the payment tabs look at the payment date which corresponds to the amount on your credit card.


then you’ll know which account the payment correlates to.

Mayor / Maire

@ramiaziz   you should login to My Account using Incognito mode to your own account as well as your Wife's and son's, check the Payment page and see which account has a payment on that day


$37.94 is $33 + tax.  So, you have a $35 plan  yourself or your wife or your son?  It looks like a $35 plan with $2 discount


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@ramiaziz  Need to see screen shot of it to make better sense of it also we are just customers like you trying to help so don’t add any personal info