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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

if i switch the plan from $15 to $25 today,when the new plan start?

right now or after next pay day?


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and Click Here link  to you know how to Change Your Plan online,

at your next plan renewal date. To change your plan,you have already paid for until your next plan renewal date.

Mayor / Maire


You have two choices:


  1. Immediately or now. You pay for your new plan it changes as soon as you pay and you start a new 30 day cycle. There is no refund of unused services from the old plan and rewards do not apply til the next renewal.
  2. Change on next renewal. You schedule you plan to change on your next renewal. This can be cancelled or changed at anytime up until your next renewal. It is advised to manually top up your account with the new plan amount when upgrading as a glitch can occur causing autopay to fail.


@francis100   You will be given the options:




With Change Plan Now, PM will charge you the new plan charge now, start the new plan now.  You might still have time (and data) left with your old plan, but they will be forfeited and PM won't refund the partial leftover 


Unless you run out of the data/minutes from the current plan, generally we success to click "Change on next renewal date"





You actually can choose either immediate plan change or at next renewal.  Public mobile does not pro-rate plans though.  If you change right away, you lose whatever is remaining in your present plan.  If possible, choose change plan at next renewal.

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