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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I was going to cha ge carriers and requested my phone number get ported to public mobile but my carrier ended up beating the prepaid plan that initially made me want to switch. but ever since the port request I can make calls but people do not receive my text messages. please help


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@softech thank you, understood.  However what I meant was that the customer rather than the number was stuck between the two providers and (presumably) paying - or in the case of PM at least, have paid, both for service.  I believe also it has been said before that there are one or two providers who don't send a confirmation text before allowing a port (Zoomer?)?   My point was really that it's not the Telux/PM porting team that needs to be involved because the OP isn't staying with PM, in which case @Chalupa_Batman was right the first time that it is the previous carrier who needs to sort this out.   Did the number actually port - which brings me to another question, is a provider allowed to intervene with a port request and offer a winback before it is completed?  If the number never left the original provider then all that is needed is to close the PM account?  If the number is with PM then the original provider needs to send PM a port request.   Hopefully @peter535 has got it all fixed by now.

Mayor / Maire


Best to reach out to customer support first.....they will assign a new phone # to your pm account which will completely release your phone number back to your provider. When you make a port request your phone number is assigned to your account for caller ID for outgoing calls and texts. If the port does not get authorized it will remain with the originating provider with active service but your texts can be affected because of the split outgoing services. 

Make sure you ask the CSA to remove your payment card info from your pm account at the same time so that your payment will fail at renewal and your account will be suspended  and then cancelled after 90 days without paid services.

You can always remove/replace your personal info from the pm account and consider donating your pm Sim card/account to a charity such as a women's shelter.


To speed up support wait times please leave a detailed message and include the following info in your private message only communication with the "CS_Agent":


Full name and address and/or province and postal code on your account.

Email and phone # (your old one you tried to port).

You may be asked additional verification questions likely your activation date, plan and payment card details. Please have these available to you along with your activation summary and/or welcome email from public mobile as these will contain your account #.


Good luck!

@Phil_Adelphus wrote:

@Chalupa_Batman  .  Therefore he's kind of stuck in the middle between the two providers.

HI @Phil_Adelphus  we always say porting was stuck.. but it usually just mean the process stuck, not completed.  The number itself never got stuck, it's either still on the old provider or with PM

Most provider will send a text for authorization and if people do not reply, the number will stay with the old provider and not with PM or never "stuck in the middle"

But keep in mind, small number of provider , and landline, do not send text and will just proceed with it, but it could take time.  But the number still either with the old provider or passed to PM, never really stuck

In OP case, if he never got the text, if he accepted the Winback, the number still with the old provider.

OP can still make call using PM and the caller id shows that OP number, but this is how it is from the time the activation is completed with porting request submitted.  The caller id from outgoing calls showing OP number does not mean PM always taken the number 


See that's what I thought too @Phil_Adelphus 

But then he stated "yes I tried porting over to here, but I never got a text to confirm the port. " So either way. If he's staying with the other service provider, I think contacting his OTHER provider to port back will work, which I said in my first comment. However if it's stuck on this end, then I believe PM should fix the porting issue on this side to be able to port back to the other provider. What a mess eh?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Chalupa_Batman  if you read the original post, he was going to change to PM, started the porting process but the original provider made a winback offer that the OP accepted.  There was no text to answer YES to but the port to PM seems to have partially succeeded and since the winback offer was accepted he is no longer coming to PM.  Therefore he's kind of stuck in the middle between the two providers.

Originally I thought he was going from PM to somewhere else. But in his reply to dust2dust, it says "port over here" so I gathered that as to PM. 🙂 But if he erred in his information and it was porting to another provider, then my original message was correct to contact them.

And does your old sim still work? Can you log in to your old account?

But this end would be temporarily using your original number or posssibly even a random number. You might be caught in a bit of a no mans land between providers.

If you call someone with Telus or Koodo or Public, what number displays at their end?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Chalupa_Batman  Wouldn't it be up to the original provider, that was apparently never completely left and caused the port to PM to be more or less aborted, to sort this out?  OP no longer wants to come to PM.

OK. So if you ported TO Public Mobile, I'll send you the number to the porting team so they can assist with the port.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

yes I tried porting over to here, but I never got a text to confirm the port. 


Mayor / Maire

Yeah I'd like to know more of the steps done. Did you attempt to port here and did you confirm the text from old provider? Have you attempted to port back and did you confirm the text?

Mayor / Maire

Hi @peter535 

Just so I understand. You ported to Public Mobile from another carrier. Then after a bit of time, ported BACK to the carrier???  If that's correct, it means the port didn't properly go through and you'll have to contact your other carrier. 

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