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New Neighbour / Nouveau Voisin


I recently switched to public mobile and when I switched I was told that everything would work very smoothly and they would port my phone number. However, I have not been able to use my calling for almost a month now. it is very frustrating as this is what I am paying for. Has anyone else had this? 


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

fwiw , I am one of the least techie people on here


My suggestion is Hang in there

I am sure Pubmo will get it sorted and may even give you 

a little credit.


As for SIM and the other provider you may have to 

keep after them 


Remeber Squeeky wheels get the grease


I switched to Pubmo 2 Months ago and couldn't be Happier 


I wish I switched a Long time ago


I suggest you do the PubMo ticket thing and keep following

up and keep posting


There are very smart as well as understanding people 

that have Helped me including PubMo Customer Support


Think , that if an older 2 fingered chicken scratch typist

non techie like me can get it.... more betta 


So can You 


Hang in there PubMo is very Solution oriented




Mayor / Maire

@sophiegay    I see you're already a PM customer so disregard my post in your other thread as it won't apply for existing customers. 

@sophiegay  Top of page the envelope icon I sent you the porting team number call them get status update on your port , and they can  re start the process  if needed or do it verbally from old provider  possibly

New Neighbour / Nouveau Voisin

yes! But they said 90 mins

Mayor / Maire

@sophiegay  Do you still have the old SIM card from you last provider ? 

@sophiegay  So i assume you just joined and activated SIM card in the last month ? 

When transferring (porting) your number to any new carrier it’s important to remember to leave the old providers SIM card in the phone until you receive the confirmation text from old carrier @that point you have 90 mins to reply YES to the confirmation text … also when going thru this process the new provider will want you old providers account number and will ask for IMEI number disregard this (IMEI) number as it has a tendency to just cos porting hiccups .. so if your ready to port to pm and already activated a SIM card you can go to your self serve serve profile tab and change /transfer (port) number this can also be done on activation but it’s advised to pick a temp number first then port 



New Neighbour / Nouveau Voisin

I never got a text from my old provider I also was never told about this when I was switching to public mobile. I asked multiple times what else I need to do and they just said no thats it. I asked on the line and they said to trying taking the SIM in and out and powering off but nothing has worked

Mayor / Maire

@sophiegay  Did you miss the confirmation text to old provider that you would have had 90 mins to reply YES too or miss the text completely? There’s a Telus porting team number you can call for a update and to help fix for you will send it private message 

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