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eSIM for Apple iPad is possible but eSIM for Apple Watch not??

Mayor / Maire

According to Public Mobile, you can download an eSIM and place it on an Apple iPad that has LTE and use the data from the data bucket. But you can't download an eSIM for an Apple Watch ??? This makes ZERO sense!! LOL

I'm sure there is some wisdom here to share, I'm all ears. 🙂 


Mayor / Maire

hi @Chalupa_Batman 

this is the list of worldwide carriers that you cam active eSIM on Apple Watch with.

As you can see clearly, same problem in all countries that only selected carrier were chosen to partner with Apple to setup  data on watch.  

I think PM would like to join if allowed .  But Apple being Apple, they don't like to open up itself for everyone. Only the "elites" are invited to the club

Mayor / Maire

Watch plans are an extension of the primary phone number, so it's not quite as simple. I finally took my primary line to Telus because I wanted a watch plan. I could be wrong, but I don't ever see the tier 3 providers offering this.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Chalupa_Batman - I wish they could, but I would have to sell my almost year old SE 2 GPS for a Cellular replacement, but I won't really need that as I could just use a tiny hotspot device with SIM card here with the 3GB $21 plan and connect the watch to wifi. Have the hotspot device in your pocket.


@Chalupa_Batman hopefully the wisdom is here 🙂

it actually maks sense and it is not unusual.  And PM is not the only one that has eSIM support but cannot support Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch 

To support  smart watch, other than eSIM,  the carrier has to invest more into the infrastructure (servers and software) which PM does not have .  Yes, it all come down to cost and Apple and Samsung are really the one to blame not to make the technology cheaper for everyone 

Sorry, to have a plan setup with your Apple Watchy, ou have to activate with Telus or other providers, mainly Tier 1 (Bell, Virgin Mobile, Roger, Freedom, Virgin)

** Freedom and Virgin are the only Tier 2/3 providers with Apple Watch and  Galaxy Watch support 


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