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Wi fi calling

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi cal I use wi-if calling with public mobile as I don’t see it on my phone as I have an I phone 11


Mayor / Maire

hi @Plss sorry, PM being a tier 3 carrier does not offer Wifi Calling and likely not anytime soon.  Yes no tier 3 has this feature 

If you need it die to coverage problem, check with tier 2 carrier like Koodo 

Mayor / Maire

Hey @Plss 

Public Mobile at this time does not offer WiFi calling. However, you can always download something like Fongo or TextNow and have your PM phone number call forwarded to it. Granted you won't get text messages but you can always edit an auto reply for every to message you at "TEXTNOW" number and just keep your phone plugged in if you're away. 

Mayor / Maire

No, Public Mobile does not offer Wi-Fi calling. 

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