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can I stop my subscription plan temporarily with add-on data?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My current subscription will be till 21st and I will be out of the country shortly afterwards, can I:

-pay for an add-on on 21st for 1GB of data,

-stop my subscription temporarily while I am out of the country and

-resume the subscription when I come back?



after you resume your service, you can use the add-on that you already purchased.

However, please note data add-on you purchased has a 30 days expiry, so, it probably too late when you resume the service

However, if you have bonus data from before without expiry, you can continue use them after you resume the srevice from suspension. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

can i still use the add-on I purchase before the suspension then

Mayor / Maire

@YHHH  You can suspemd your account for 90 days before having to manually make payment again to keep your plan and number . But the data add on will be gone 30 days after purchase . Unless it was a holiday bonus add on from years back 


@YHHH  you can temporarily supsend your account for up to 90 days.  But suspension starts from the end day of the current cycle

During suspension, you cannot use any service.  So, if you are thinking to use the 1GB during plan suspension, sorry, you cannot


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