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activation after suspending my account

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had suspended my plan with Public Mobility by activating it on the web site in January

I payed the amount due, re activated the account on March 3. Today March 5 I went to re insert my Sim Card.

The web site indicates I have a current active plan until next month, all payed up .

After all this I have no service.

Wondering how long it takes to reactivate a SIM . It indicates that it should start immediately however it has been over 2 hours and nothing . Double checked plan on website and good until May 4.

How do I solve this . No real person at Public Mobility to resolve. If I cant resolve I will simply go to another provider next month but this is just plan frustrating


Mayor / Maire

@ianmasini It looks good if the site shows amount due on May 4.  So, the site is showing Account Status Active?


It could be just a SIM or device problem.  What is it showing on the phone?  Any message like "SIM not provisioined", "No SIM", "No network"? 


Do you have another phone you can test your PM SIM?  Put it in a second phone and see if you see any error message


Mayor / Maire

@ianmasini    Did you mean today April 5th right?   As long as your account hasn't been suspended for more than 90 since the last payment was due, reactivating it is usually immediate.  


Try rebooting your phone first or click the Reactivate option if available top right of the overview page in your account.


BTW, did you suspend via the lost/stolen option?  Then you need to first Resume service in order for the payment to go through.

Mayor / Maire

You mean 'today APRIL 5' 😋

It looks like everything is in order in regards to payment.

Can you try your SIM in another phone?

Did you do anything unusual with your phone? Maybe something got broken during these months of inactivity and it does not recognizes SIM anymore? Contacts dirty, dust, etc.

Mayor / Maire

You should have avoided the April 1st issue that caused a lot of chaos, so it sounds like it may be a sim issue. If you test it out by rebooting, reseating and trying another phone that should give you an answer.

Mayor / Maire


Did you stopped payment less than 90 days?

If you trying reactivated the SIM less than 90 days. Try rebooting the phone by powering off then back on after 2 minutes.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

it works on a old phone ? an old i phone 6...

Showing no network selection my current phone X10 ????



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

works on a old phone ?

but not on my iphone X.

something i need to reset or input to activiate it..?

total confused now


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Did you use the phone before pausing? Did the phone get any updates in the meantime? Did you use the phone with another provider? But you did verify that the account works.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I suspended my plan.

I was in the states for a while and used another provider there.I changed the sim to their plan. Boost Mobility.

now I come back and re insert the sim card for Public and it will not work on my phone ..... but it will work on a old iphone6 that i have.