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Why did my plan renew on the 24 this time??

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Is there any way to set it back to withdrawing every 30? I still had over 1gb data, and it already renewed. Also, the internet has been too slow lately... this is very disappointing. Public Mobile is probably evicting me silently. Okay then, I am shopping around.


@dust2dust wrote:

lol 2 days later from the friend.

I feel bad for Oracles, they have been working hard. 

lol 2 days later from the friend.

@Alexandf wrote:


prepaid service 30 day, not monthly.
reset network setting and reboot phone.

@Alexandf    You don't think OP already got the message 8 hours earlier that PM is on a 30 day cycle?


Also what would resetting the network and rebooting the phone help with? 



Mayor / Maire


Public Mobile plans run on a 30-day cycle. The only way you could reset the starting date is by allowing it to suspend and then reactivate on the day you want your cycle to start but it slips back by a day on every month that is 31 days and then jump forward two days in February unless it's a leap year and then it's one day.


What is your current plan? Maybe you want to consider the new student 4G plan that's $55/20 GB. Seeing as you just hit your third year of loyalty you'll be now getting a $5 in rewards discounted off your plan amount that would make the $55 plan only $50 for 20 GB.


While other providers also offer compelling deals they also offer overages, extra billing and fees. And their plans usually increase in price rather than decrease with rewards.



As mentioned above, payment cycles are every 30 days. 

As for slower data, you can try to manually select 3G network.  The data speeds might be faster than LTE network (which is capped).


Public mobile does offer 4G plans these days which should offer faster speeds.


@coztex , renewals are every 30 days.  Please check the payment history in your self serve account.  Use incognito mode on your browser to make sure you are viewing a fresh web page.