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Why am I being charged so much???

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

What happened to all of my rewards??? Also I pay for the 3 month plan and yet I have been charged different multiple payments multiple times. I tried to start a conversation but the chat bot tells me unless I give them a ton of personal information they refuse to help me. If I wanted this kind of service I would have stayed with Telus. The moment I complained I was kicked out of the app and community and could no longer log in. I had to change my pin and verify it was me. Never knew Public Mobile was so hard to deal with. Well they are all about the money grab now and they don't care about us, their loyal customers of numerous years. It is funny for them to do this. Seems as if they want everyone to leave and go to other companies. I was refused help or any explanation so yeah when our service runs out in this home we will all be switching to PC Mobile as it is way cheaper and their rewards program doesn't purposely screw you over. Goodluck everyone with your Public Mobile.


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Unfortunately to access your account info they will need all your details. Open a ticket with cs and see if they can help you.

Now about your rewards, if you are referring to auto pay or legacy rewards they are not longer doing that with the new rewards system.

The new system you earn points after you renew you subscription, so you have to use the points towards your next bill if you have enough to redeem $15.

You now get 5% back in points, 10 once every year, 1 point for every referral. You need to manually cash in for $15 off, it is not automatic any more.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have spent over two hours "chatting" with their representative. I learned that they do not know what is going. First I was told I made changes to my plan as of May 1st, 2024. No changes have been made. They backtracked their statement when I called them out on the lie. Seriously! As for the rewards program, we can't do a thing about it. Public Mobile does not care about their loyal customers that have been here for years and who have gotten many people to sign up. PC Mobile is looking better and better everyday. Once our plans come up for renewal we shall be switching. I guess this is an eye opener. Public Mobile is all about the money and nothing else. Hence why they have such "amazing" customer service. Lol.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

As for pc mobile I can confirm that there customer service is amazing fast. My mother with them and had to call them. Had a real person in less then 3 min and had the problem fixed just as fast.

As for your billing issue you will need to open a ticket.  When using chat bot did it give you the option to open one? Your post makes it sound like you only use chat bot without opening a ticket. If pm respond to you through personal message they need your info to confirm who you are. Weather or not you talk to a live person over the phone or through a pm there always going to need to confirm who you are. Doesn't matter what company it is.

Mayor / Maire

Sadly and embarrassingly Public Mobile removed everyone's monthly credits they EARNED. There is a very large thread about it.

You are encouraged to file a complaint with the CCTS with regards to your loss of earned credits.

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