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Where to start port out number process

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am moving to a new service and want to port out my number. The chat bot tells me I will get a text after I put in a request to port out, to confirm it is me and that I do indeed want to port out. However I cannot find anywhere to request the port out. Only to port a number in. Where/how do I do this?


Mayor / Maire

As part of the activation process at your new provider you will be given the option of signing up for a new number, or transferring in a number from your current provider (i.e. a port). Choose the latter and follow the instructions.

Once the port is initiated you will get a text on your old providers sim, where you have to respond to authorize the port. Once it's complete it will automatically close your Public Mobile account.

Mayor / Maire


you'll start that process with your new provider. Leave the PM sim in until you get the port request and you must reply YES within 90 min time frame. Continue using the PM sim until it quits working...then install new sim. added...your PM plan must remain active. When port completed successfully, your PM account will deactivate automatically.

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