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Verification of Account by CS_Agent

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

When a communication with CS_Agent is initiated for resolution of a problem, one gets a message (snapshot below) to verify one’s account/identity.


The web-link provided, leads to two options of authentication. These are ‘through credentials of self-serve account’ OR ‘getting a PIN on one’s mobile phone’. My experience over the last two occasions has been that only the PIN option worked. On both occasions, the first option of ‘authentication through credentials of self-serve account’ failed,


I have never had difficulty logging into my self-serve account — not then, and not now —  and wonder if the failure of using the self-serve account authentication was a common problem or just occurred for me. If you faced a similar problem, please write here, so PM can pick up the cue to rectify it.


Mayor / Maire


yes it's a common problem and an ongoing issue.

Mayor / Maire


I never had an issue login to my account and when I need the assistance of a CS_Agent, using my PIN is the easy way for assistance with an agent.

Mayor / Maire

@sa7375 - I have a feeling Public Mobile is often tweaking systems. Hopefully consist maintenance and checks and balances are happening behind the scenes for us all to improve our experiences.


So what works great one day may be just in a temporary upgrade the next and may not work the next time.

I suggest letting the agent (CSA) know what is not working for you and hopefully they can report it to get it corrected.

Mayor / Maire


 Yes the one time recently that the CSA insisted despite the fact it was for an account I manage that was suspended using the bf 's community account because neither of mine can currently contact support nor they contact me?  It even failed when I put the bf's info in?!!

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@sa7375 I've always found it easiest just to provide my PIN and phone number when sending email to CS_agent.  I found links to verify don't really verify me as user and CSA came back asking me many questions to validate.

Mayor / Maire

@sa7375   your observation was correct.  Even at the end when you submit a chatbot ticket , it is usually easier to get pass that using PIN and not My Account login, not sure why.. glitch glich and gliches