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University of Ottawa campus - can no longer make a calls, texts or use data but can receive

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Since yesterday (Jan 21, 2022) I can no longer send texts, make phone calls, or use data on my phone.  I can receive phone calls and texts so my SIM card seems to be working.  My account is on auto pay and was paid up on the Jan 10 and the next billing date is Feb. 9.  There doesn't seem to be anything odd on my account which would indicate a problem.  Help!


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Two basic steps would be to try restarting your phone, and then putting your SIM in another phone if possible.

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Really strange... Did you try your SIM in another phone? Does it behaves similarly at different locations than UofO?

It will not hurt if you remove your SIM, lightly clean contacts and reinsert it. Rebooting your phone might provide remedy, too.



Other basic troubleshooting advice:

Network reset of phone.

Toggle airplane mode on, then off.  

Try to manually select 3G network (instead of LTE or auto)

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After trying all of the suggestions above and if you were able to test your sim card in another phone with the same result then your sim card may need reprovisioning. Contact customer support and explain the issue and all of the troubleshooting you have done. Then ask for the CSA to reset your account and reprovision your sim card and hopefully this fixes the problem. There is a tiny chance your sim card is failing and you will need to replace it. If that is the case arrange with the CSA to credit your account the cost of the new sim card once you submit the reciept.





To contact customer support click below:

To pre-verify your account include your full name, address, email, phone # and 4 digit acct pin #.