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US roaming didn't work in Alaska

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


on 26 May 2023, I purchased an unlimited talk, text and 3GB data add-on for my phone, to use on a cruise to Alaska. I am back home from my cruise now and was unable to use any of these features because I could never get a signal. Is it possible to have this credited to my account somehow? Thanks for any help



@SweetTweet222 wrote:

It would be helpful for Public Mobile to add more detail to their US Roaming description re: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc. 

HI @SweetTweet222 

Hawaii and Puerto Rico both work, it says  all 50 states, plus Pureto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

But of course, Alaska is part of the 50 states and the one not work  😞

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It would be helpful for Public Mobile to add more detail to their US Roaming description re: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks all. Chatbot wouldn't work. Sent a private message.


Mayor / Maire

hi @wa1 sorry, no roaming in Alaska.  T-Mobile does not have its own network to provide Pm roaming

please submit a ticket for CS agent here and ask for refund

Taggging the CS_agent is unlikely to yield results. Please open a ticket using the chatbot, lr kf that doesn't work, send a private message tl CS_Agent.

Mayor / Maire

@wa1 - we are not public employees. Yeah Alaska has issues with roaming.


To contact the Public Mobile Customer Support Agent (CSA)_Team, there are two methods to reach them:

1 -  Normally Faster  use this link to: Get Help With Public Mobile Chatbot


2 – Slower - Use this link to:

Contact Public Mobile Representatives (CSA) by submitting a message(ticket) to them here: Private Message to Public Mobile Customer Support Agents (CSA)

Mayor / Maire

Contact agent and explain your issue. They might grant you refund.

To Contact CSA-agent there are 2 methods:

Ticket has to be opened through chatbot -

Having a ticket is preferred way to contact agent as they might respond faster then receiving personal mail.

If opening a ticket does not work very first time, contact agent directly.

- Send a private message to the CSA - agent by clicking (Ctrl+) Here

Agent’s response is usually between 15 and 120 minutes with a ticket. Private messaging might take longer.

Watch for envelope in top right corner of Community page. It will show Number of unread emails.

Mayor / Maire

@wa1  Sorry US roaming will not work in Alaska get support for a refund 

Message support directly

  • while your already here and logged in the community you can send a private message   To CS_Agents click >>>here.<<<
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