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US Roaming status missing

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I bought US Roaming talk and text about Nov 13. During the following ten days I would check my account which always showed I had 10 days left. I did not. Then when that ran out I bought a talk text and data bundle about Nov 23 and it is working but I cannot see it in my account. Why not?  How else would I find out how much data I have left?  I need to know my data status before it runs out as I will only be able to buy more at night IF my hotel has reasonable wifi!  I am travelling so this is serious.



When you get home, log in to your PM account and request a CSA credit your account as the add-on didn't work as it should. I'm confident they'll do something for you. 

Safe travels.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It was just plain miss for me from wash to California along the I5 then coast in Calif


What make / model is your cell phone ?

If iPhone..go to Settings / Cellular / Network Selection ...disable Automatic. Give it a minute to find signals, then select T-Mobile.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I found once things started going wrong with 🇺🇸 roaming, I was unlikely to fix in time. You might consider Mint Mobile as an alternative at least while you troubleshoot PM. Also runs on TMo so if bad TMo coverage is your issue, you're still stuck.


Mint has 2 options of interest. One is the 4GB/mo for $45 for 6mo. The other is their trial kit, 250 each of talk text and data for 7 days. $2 at Target or BB (you may have to order online for store pickup to get $2, not sure).


[Added: use Mint's IMEI checker to make sure your handset will work]

Re network@Janey2 , find network connections on your device.  There, you should find the available networks listed.  If they are not, perhaps it's because it is set it to AUTO.  Choose MANUAL, and the available networks should display.  Choose the other one.


Re incognito mode, when you are on a website, and you try to open another tab, there should be an option to "open an incognito" tab from there.   Using this option logs in without any connection to any device's remembered or account-related metrics.   It usually helps a lot of folks log in without any problems.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Correct. Can you tell me how to swap back and forthbetween t mobile and the other one and how so I sign in incognito...I have no clue how to do that appreciate your help

Certainly does leave a lot to be desired. I will not buy this again but meanwhile I need to make this work for another 7 days!!!!


I found the talk portion of the add-on is very hit and miss while traveling in eastern Wa state. I could get it to work in larger areas...but not so good once away from urban setting.

In your phones settings, make sure to manually select T-Mobile as your preferred network as AT&T just doesn't work at all now.



best to use Private or Incognito mode to check your My Account all the time


Also, for US roaming, always choose T-Mobile.  Voice will always use T-Mobile's 2G network , whether you are using 3G or 4G speed plan.  But data and text will work on 4G or LTE.    Unfortunately, Different area could have different reception 

Again, @Janey2 , the US Roaming options with Public Mobile leave a lot to be desired.


Some find it goes well, others don't.


You might try connecting to a different network down there if the one you're currently connected to is giving problems.  I believe the main two are AT&T or T-Mobile.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I did not buy the same package. The first one was talk and text. The second one was talk text and data. There was a day or two between exoiry if the old and purchase if the new. Oh and although my main plan is 4G the roaming talk/phone calls dies not work between Washington state and southern California!


Mayor / Maire



From the MOMENT of purchase, you have 240 hours of the US Add-on.


After that, if you wish to renew the SAME add-on, you have to wait 24 hours.


If you wish to purchase a different US add-on, you can do so right away.


Many here recommend if you're going to the US for any length of time, it's better to buy a local SIM card than relying on PM's US Roaming options.  

Mayor / Maire


Mayor / Maire

@Janey2   Try logging in to your account using a different browser in incognito or private mode instead.

The website has cache issues.