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UPDATE. Possible merging between Public and Koodo Prepaid?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire
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The wording is confusing but some are speculating a possible merging of the 2 brands?

Update: a small excerpt from the article suggests this:

"Additionally, as of May 3rd, Koodo Prepaid will be available alongside Public Mobile, which means the two brands will overlap for a time until July 13th."


I guess the reason to offer Koodo Prepaid (and Telus prepaid) is to make it them look good for offering the cheap alternatives while keeping their focus on high end plans.  That is definitely overlapping the market that PM focusing on.   


Maybe with the CRTC requirement for offering Postpaid occasional-use plans, maximum $15, Telus really no need to offer similar postpaid plan with Koodo.  Hence, it is a nature move to bring everything to one roof. 


If it turns out PM is keeping all the postpaid plans (better be, or we will be chatting in the Koodo Community comes July 13), it is not bad for us.  At least we know Telus is keep this bus running.   With 3G going away soon, we will see VoLTE here sooner than later then.


Maybe after all, there is really no change on both side of the fence   .. (other than PM formally closing those kiosk)




Maybe the writer got mixed up



Someone on the Koodo Community thinks

What this means is that Public can no longer be activated in-store (at places such at The Mobile Shop, OSL/Walmart Wireless, Glentel/TBooth/Wireless Wave, etc). Customers will only be able to buy the SIM card there, they'll have to activate it online. 


@J_PM can you confirm if this is true?  As of July 13, there will be no more in-store activation?  Or can you comment on exactly what it meant by PM will be fully online that day and what it meant by " Koodo Prepaid will be available alongside Public Mobile, which means the two brands will overlap for a time until July 13th."    Would our Kodoo Prepaid friends come over to join our party here?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

The article does not give a verifiable source. I'm not sure what anybody from Public would openly state at this time.

I don't see no longer being able to activate at a store to as reason to say anything about a possible merger.  People have been saying  things about a merger for years, and I don't believe that the writer of the Mobile Syrup has any reason nor any new information that leads to that conclusion.  I believe that the exit from retail actually means that such a merger is less likely.  Public Mobile focusing being entirely online-only further differentiates Public Mobile from Koodo Mobile.  


I see this as Public Mobile going back to it's Origins.  Online model only no retail activations


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