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Taking full advantage of Rewards Points

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I am currently on the $15 dollar plan and have recently switched over to the new rewards setup. Instead of $2 off each month and an additional $1 off as a part of loyalty, I now have a collection of reward points. I was wondering though on how to best utilize the points with the plan that I have.


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@public_phone Best is to use them for lowering your bill unless you believe in having a good luck and gamble away for a jackpot.

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old rewards for $1 new rewards for 1 Points.. e.g.  you have total rewards $3  new rewards 3 Points, 


when you redeem on Lower Your Bill, you'll get a 15 Points = $15 credit on your next bill.

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Oh dear....well it's done now. No regrets!! Points are best utilized for discounted add ons. Save them for US Roaming add ons or if you are a low data user and dont make s lot of outgoing calls or don't mind asking people to call you then using the $15 plan and redeeming for 1gb data add ons can make it a reasonable build your own plan so you can save money switching from the $25 plan.

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NO! You shouldn’t have switched unless you are on the $40 or more plans. Now you can’t switch back!


Sorry…brain explosion…to earn additional points, you have to get more friends and family to join PM for an additional 1 point per member. Another way is to be active on this Community to be the top contributors and earn up to 15 points per month…but give up your day job.

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@public_phonedo you buy add on often?  Best way to use the points is to reseem Addons using points.  Addons redeemed by points are generally 33% cheaper than paying


If you don't need to get addons, then redeem them for $15 bill credit whenever you have 15 points.  I usually suggest not to stock up the points as there are really not many ways to use the points


The worst way is to use it for the jackpot, It is 1 point for 1 chance, but I imagine the odds are low, unless you are into gambling  🙂



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Too late, you can't switch back. The rewards program is worse than the grandfathered rewards..... This is the reason why I don't touch anything on the rewards website except to check how many $ I've earned. Plus, this month I'll get my first year loyalty reward.

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What's done is done. No going back.


I'd personally just points towards paying for service, get discounted/free plan each time the points fill up enough.


But applying points towards add-ons would be better, if you need them and would buy them anyways. If you don't need them and would have to contrive ways to use up your purchases then they're a waste, might as well just save money on your plan.


Strange thread. Most people are impatient, impulsive, always eager to spend without prompting.

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Funny my most tech savvy referral is the only one who clicked to join points and immediately after clicking thought uh oh maybe that wasn't a good idea?!! All the others basically can't or don't access their accounts are all still safely on the rewards program.