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Stolen phone!!!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello! My phone has been stolen once again, and once again I cannot remember a single password or provide enough verification that I am who I am. Luckily, before it was stolen I arranged a post paid bell Contract that I arranged on an esim for my now stolen phone, and I was planning to port my number from public to bell..

I now have the sim card in another phone but I am unable to access my number as well as ant of my emails on my phone... I really am hoping to some how port my number to this phone or if its possible to track my phone with the esim actie


Mayor / Maire


Was the porting to Bell completed? If it was  then you need to contact Bell to Blacklist the phone.

If porting was not completed then you need to contact a CS_Agent by submitting a ticket via Chat bubble or dm them on the Messages on your avatar icon top left to help you access your account and report as Stolen or Lost phone.

Try login to your phone account and track the location of your phone.

To Submit a ticket, please click the following link to access the Public Mobile Chatbot:  Type: Customer Service Agent




IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I am not a Public Mobile employee. I am a customer just like you. Please do not send me a private message with your personal information. 

Mayor / Maire

hi @ViciousCycle not sure lucky or not, technically you still need your PM sim card to receive the port authority text and reply Yes

Star with asking PM support what option you have, maybe they agree the port with your verbal approval 

please message support agent here

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