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Signup concerns

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am a new member unable to activate phone, no old sim card.


Question - If I was to complete a full reset of the
phone would it not respond as brand new, awaiting its Public
Mobile SIM card?

Thanks Frank


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks for the information re buying a Sim card.  I live on Vancouver Island and received the

card on Thursday.  One week after the initial order and, through a weekend,  I felt that was

not unreasonable


You can order a SIM online from Canadian Cell Supplies on sale for $5 with fast shipping or from Amazon for $7 with Prime.

You can also arrange for pickup from CCS if you are in the Mississauga/Oakville area.

Mayor / Maire

@softech, I'd say, you are probably scaring people off. 😅


It is all just terms and mumbo jumbo with dates anyhow. I take it as a baseline and expectation dependant on Canada Post's load and demand. Tons of things get redirected/lost with Canada Post on a daily basis.


Does, Public Mobile jump up and say right away "Oh, a SIM card order, let's go pick it and stick it in an envelope with a stamp to drop it in the mailbox", probably not; just part of the pick and ship process like other companies really.


That 'ship out 2 days' does not mean delivered to your doorstep. So, I wouldn't even take the statement into consideration of any delivery expectation.

@esjliv   I think the chance to get it in 3 weeks from ordering via PM site might scare people off.  Just yesterday, someone had a post for such a long wait and got all upset and decide to join another competitor instead


That's why I direct the order to Amazon, shipping with tracking.  Free shipping with Prime.  And for none prime member, free shipping on the first order.  


But honest, PM needs to do better with sim shipment, there is no way the 3 weeks delay is Canada Post's fault

Also, the order page said ship out in 2 days with Canada post, very misleading (although the order email did say 5 to 10 days, but at that point, it is too late to regret)


@Lynseygibbons wrote:

Tnx but no old SIM card available !

@Lynseygibbons - public mobile is offering two SIMS for $10 now:

Yes, they do come regular Canada Post snail mail, but many customers have had no issues receiving these. If you do have an issue, you can alway contact Public Mobile customer support for resending or refund requests.


@softech I think it is fair to say that some people are not by stores where they can easily pick up SIM cards. Plus, purchasing in store would likely be $10, if I hazard a guess.

Telling people not to order through Public Mobile online may put some people in a pickle.


I've ordered SIMs online with public mobile without issues.

If you do not recommended public mobile SIM cards purchases, perhaps recommend Amazon or other methods that may be available at that point in time. 🙂



@Lynseygibbons wrote:

Tnx but no old SIM card available !

@Lynseygibbons   you need a brand new sim card to activate

You can get a new PM sim card from Telus/Koodo store

or via Amazon for 2 days shipping


do NOT get from PM online as it could take long to receive

Mayor / Maire

Did you do this:



Did you create PM account? Does your account says - Active?

If SIM is properly activated and bill paid just plugging in SIM will be sufficient unless you did a lot of custom work and network adjustments on your phone.

Factory reset phone should accept SIM right away without any adjustments.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Tnx but no old SIM card available !

Mayor / Maire

@Lynseygibbons did you complete the SIM card activation here :


If you did normally all you need to do is a restart on your phone with the public mobile SIM card inside. A reset of the network settings is also a good idea when changing providers.


Unless you ported a number over from another provider, then you need to keep the old SIM card in to approve the SMS approval text.

Mayor / Maire

@Lynseygibbons  If you activated a new SIM card you should just reboot phone, full reset shouldn’t be needed 

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