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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I can not connect to internet using data. Comes up can not connect. I do get updates to email etc when I’m out so some of data does work. I have I Phone XR and not tech savvy. I need help or will cancel and go somewhere I can get some help! 
is there anyone out there who can help??



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you can try reseat the SIM card and Make sure your phone is off before removing your SIM card,

1. power off your device

2. take out the SIM card,

3. waiting a 1 minute,

4. put it back and power on,

5. toggling airplane mode off/on,  


and you can try to reset network settings and Changing APN Settings,
for iphone

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords,

or visit  Here link, 


APN Settings On An IPhone click Here link, 


Ensure you have the correct APN settings by visit Here link,

Select the brand and model of your phone,


and try manually selecting network "3G ONLY"

for iPhone visit Here link 

or Here link 


and do Rebooting your phone ,This is quick and simple,to refreshing your network,

*what is meant by rebooting the device turn off and turn it back on.


try to check update your device,


for more information about Managing Your Data Usage visit  Here link to save your data...

and turn off background data, to save your data.

when your data limit used all, is will be off until next renewal cycle,

at public mobile 30 day Prepaid Service No fees extra charges..


go sign in to Self-Serve, to review your account,history Data Usage


if you can't fix it or you can't see your history Data Usage you need to Contact Customer Support Agent by CS_Agentand Explain your issue to them can solve, they are nice service Team the will help you 100%.


Here’s How To Contact Customer Support Agent,

  • send a private message to Customer Support Agent by Click Here link,
  • please include in your message,
  • phone number,
  • Email address,


  • Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, will Response to your inbox by private message 
  • During business hours, we strive to answer customer messages swiftly. You will often get an answer within an hour. During peak periods, you may need to wait up to 48 hours.Customer Support Agents are available:
    • Monday to Sunday: 6 AM to 10 PM EST
    • Note: Public Mobile No Support by phone call or Email.. only by CS_Agentprivate message..

    Check your private message inbox (click on the envelope top right of your screen)

         Good Luck..


Mayor / Maire



Confirm you have data left by logging into self-service by looking under My Data & Add-Ons.


Next check your apn settings.

Mayor / Maire

@pammyl    First thing to check is whether you have any data left to use.  Log into your self serve account and scroll down the page and look under My Data/Add-ons, if you don't see a data line there, that means you've depleted your data allotment for this cycle and can purchase a data add-on ($15/1GB) to tide you over until renewal.    To purchase add-ons first add the funds and then make the applicable purchase.  These add-ons don't expire and will be available anytime you've depleted the plan data before renewal.


Also check your phone and make sure you haven't set a data limiter on there, if you have just remove the limit set for now.

Mayor / Maire


Ensure your Data option is turned on in your settings of your device when you what to use DATA.


If still not working, restart your phone, then perform a reset of the network settings.


If still not connecting - Check your APN settings, if still not working:


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have checked all that and still nothing

@pammyl wrote:

I have checked all that and still nothing

@pammyl  - has your Data ever worked?


Can you try your SIM into another compatible phone to see if DATA works then?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks everyone. I’ll give it a try!

Mayor / Maire

What your PM account says regarding your data allowance? Provide screenshot if needed so we can better understand...

Did data (internet) ever worked for you?

Have you enabled Data on your phone? I guess WiFi works with no problem?


Is your data on your iPhone worked with PM, Telus or Koodo before?

If not, it may still have other mobile provider specific config file in your iPhone.

1.  Check your phone for any waiting update.  If yes, update and restart your phone.

2.  If step 1 does not work, connect your iPhone to iTune running on a PC using the charging cable to update your iPhone.  Restart your phone after update.  The PM specific config file should be on your phone.

Good luck.


EDIT:  Reasons for this procedure:

In order to use your mobile data, you need to configure your phone's APN parameters correctly.  But iPhone does not allow user to manually change the APN settings.  One of the task for the provider specific config file is to configure the APN parameters.  On iPhone restart, it read the config file and make sure the APN settings are correct.