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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Is it possible to suspend your account while traveling for  6months?


Mayor / Maire


Any longer than 90 days ~ 3 months, your account will be closed, your SIM will be dead and your number will be lost.

To be an the safe side and less hassle, switch to the $15 plan on AutoPay to keep your account Active and number.

Mayor / Maire


another option...just before you leave you can future date a plan change to $15 plan. Manually pay $90 ($15 X 6) into Available Funds so that the plan will renew as normal for the period of time you're gone. When you get home, you can then select a plan that you like.

It's only $90 and then there's no playing around with remembering dates etc.

Mayor / Maire

@MaureenC    Changing your plan to the cheapest one is a good idea, however, keep in mind that if you're on an older discontinued plan, then once you change your plan, you will no longer be able to get back to your old plan after the change.

Mayor / Maire

Not for the all 6 months.

Lower your plan to cheapest. Remove autopay. Account will be suspended due to no pay for 90 days. Log in around 88th day and pay for next renewal. Let it get suspended again (after 30 day service) for another 90 days. Repeat.

Mayor / Maire

@MaureenC   You can suspend for 90 days at a time, the account will suspend if you disable autopay if you have a CC on account or simply don't make a payment.  However, you need to make a manual payment around day 86 of suspension if you don't want to lose your number and account.  This can be repeated for another 90 days (not funding the account) but keep the deactivation date in mind always.

Mayor / Maire

@MaureenC  If it's longer than 90 days, you'll lose your account and phone number.

But yes you can do that with some work.

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