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SUCCESS!!! Issue: No data working on Public Mobile with UMIDIGI device

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

First off thank-you to everyone who pitched in to help solve this issue including @CS_Agent 

If you have a UMIDIGI device, and your data is not working do this one thing before any other steps (like installing Carrier Services, if dual SIM ensuring the device is "looking for data" in the correct SIM slot, performing a Network Reset, restarting the device, etc. etc.).

Add a new APN and set it as your default. This fixed the issue IMMEDIATELY!! 

Name: Mobile Internet, APN:, MMSC:, MM Msg Proxy:, MM Msg Port: 8799, MCC: 302, MNC: 220, APN Type: default,mms,supl,fota,hipri, APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6, APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4, Bearer: Unspecified, MVN Op Type: gid, MVN Op Value: 4D4F

Tah Dah!! Fixed!


Mayor / Maire

thanks @JTR  for sharing

Yes, Umidigi for some reason does not have the PM APN and hence many has trouble using data without manual steps.  Happy you have it figured out

Mayor / Maire

@JTR  happy to hear and  Thanks for sharing , that’s great info 🙂

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