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Roaming plan for USA

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am travelling to the states this weekend (Friday to Sunday). I’m not sure if I need to buy the US Roaming Talk-Text for $15 or the US Roaming Talk-Text with 3gb data for $30. I don’t quite understand the difference/why I need the data.  Can’t I use the data that’s on my plan already if I just buy roaming?  Or can I just pre download my Google maps route and use wifi when I’m there and avoid data costs altogether?  Thank you!


Mayor / Maire


Sorry, the calling, text and data on your plan only works while you are in Canada. Once you are in the US, you will need to connect to T-Mobile or AT&T if you have purchased a U.S. Roaming plan.

Yes, you can download Google maps and use it offline but you can also use Google map app if you are connected to WiFi.

If you need to make calls and texting, you can use WhatsApp if both parties have it app plus your PM number will be assigned to the app.

Or you can download TextNow app and pick a secondary number to get free calling and texting through WiFi.


Mayor / Maire

@Mellyvb None of the calls/data/text in your core plan will work in the US, with the exception of income text messages which are free. You could connect to WiFi when available, and with that you could check your email and use your apps including WhatsApp. But if you want cell services in the US you need to get a roaming add-on. As you noted you can choose just calling and texting, or you can also get data. If you don't get data you'd have to wait until you had wifi to use your apps, browse the web, check email etc.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hi @Mellyvb 

If you're traveling to the US you can purchase a $15 for 15 days of talk and text. You just have to ask yourself. Is $15 for 3GB of data worth it to you? 

Anything you have on your account now can only be used here in Canada. Enjoy your trip.

EDIT: Food for thought. Instead of the $30 for unlimited T/T with 3GB, what about opening a secondary account for an extra $20 that way you get 40GB while in the US. I'd also suggest maybe going down in 2 more weeks to get your value on it. But eh...  just spit balling here. lol 

Correct me if I'm wrong community but could @Mellyvb call forward his regular phone number to this as a Temp solution?

Mayor / Maire

HI @Mellyvb  all carriers need you to some kind of roaming plan to use the service outside of Canada

you need to pay roaming data plan to use roaming service in US, you cannot just use our regular data from your monthly plan without buying roaming add-on

Yes, you can download Google map and check offline map, but if you missed your way, Google cannot re-route the route accodingly.  it is safer to have roaming there.  But it is our choice.

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