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Rewards by posting?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I just signed up with my same email that I have an account with Public Mobile with. It said you can earn up to $20 in rewards for being involved in the community - what do I need to do? Does this post earn me rewards? Do I need to know how to answer technical questions? Any help is appreciated.


@John_Dobski   for rewards, it is almost same with old and new system.  But for old system you get $ value and will be apply to your next bill without any extra work


For new rewards system, they only get points, and need to collect to 15 points and manually redeem for $15 bill credit after


Bonus is per month, so, you participate enough this month, you will get the $ reward in early next month , then it will apply to your next bill after the reward is posted on your account

@John_Dobski wrote:

How does the reward system work for people with the old per/$ rewards? And is the bonus granted per month or for longer periods of time?

Community rewards are always monthly, but need to be earned each month.  Customers on the old rewards system will have any earned Community rewards automatically applied to the payment of the next plan renewal.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

How does the reward system work for people with the old per/$ rewards? And is the bonus granted per month or for longer periods of time?

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Keatrix25 actually, more like rewards by helping. 

Welcome to the Community 

Mayor / Maire

You cannot earn $20 ever unless PM nominate you to be Oracle.

Max Community reward for commoners is $15. Idea is to help others answering questions and guide new customers how to resolve issue they have with service/phones/etc. related to PM.

Other customers if decide your answer is helpful or funny or really nice might give you Bravo. More Bravos you collect better chance is to get few $ rewards.

Mind you, creating fake account to give yourself Bravos will be detected and ban on your participation might be invoked. Play fair and do not aim to have this as second job and make pile of money 🙂

You will see some members are Very active. Be aware that is very tough and you have to be extremely dedicated to be among top 2 to earn $15/month.

Occasional participation, 15-20 min a day Will bring you $1-$5 per month.


Most important is to have Fun and HELP other. Some say you can make more $$$ going out on recycling day in your area and collect empty bottles...

Mayor / Maire

@Keatrix25   The $20 reward can only be earned by oracles and the rest of the community members can only earn a maximum of $15 which is generally earned only by 2 users who have put in countless hours offering suggestions/advice.


It might be easier to earn $1 or $2 as that requires less participation but you're advised to do this because you enjoy helping others and have some spare time on your had.  You might also want to read some of the threads to get a feel for the kind of questions and answers being asked/received.


The allocation of rewards is also based on a combination of posts/solutions/bravos given/received although no-one knows the exact formula which is secret for obvious reasons. 



Mayor / Maire


We don’t know what the secret formula to receive Community rewards but it is based on the number of Bravos, Solved Solutions and your participation on the Community.

Only Oracles will receive $20 or 20 points.

@Handy1 wrote:



edit there I’ll be forever be  your first bravo !

@Keatrix25   and I just bravo'ed too.  So, @Handy1 's bravo won't be your last one for sure  🙂


@Keatrix25   you have started on the correct note.


You will earn rewards by participating here. Ask questions and help others and bravos good posts!!


You can earn 1, 2, 5, 10 , 15 points depends on the participation (not 20 as 20 points is for Oracle only, a small team of selected customers helping to keep this Community orgnaized)


But, we don't know how much participation is needed.  It is a secret formula with PM.  So, just keep helping and good things will happen 

Mayor / Maire

@Keatrix25  youcan earn rewards here by participating helping others answer questions giving bravos getting bravos and excepted solutions … here I can help ya out with a bravo now and welcome aboard !



edit there I’ll forever be  your first bravo !

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