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Regarding payment

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

We don’t have an account number to make a payment on phone number 647-xxxxxxx
the guy home isn’t working and the ability to reach someone at public mobile has be -

well…insanely ridiculous. 


Mayor / Maire

@LucioMelo-1155 - according to the 855 number your account is Suspended and you need to make a payment to reactivate it.

Glad @Lieux edited your post - thanks!


If having issues about which email you signed up with (if you did register for a My Account), use the Forgot your password option to reset it, found here:

If an email is received (check spam/junk folder) then the email is likely registered.


If an email is received (check spam/junk folder) then the email is likely registered.


For My Account log in issues, you can submit a ticket here to: Create, forgot or change My Account email or password link

Mayor / Maire


Who activated your SIM?

Once the SIM is activated then you created an account.

Try login into your account by using the email address you used to create your account then click on Forgot Password but clear your cache, cookies and go incognito on your laptop or desktop.


Mayor / Maire

HI @LucioMelo-1155 


you trying to get the account number and pay via the bank account?  this is not an option

For PM service, you have to use credit card to pay , via My Account or via *611

or you can get a voucher from stores and then load the voucher to the account


Mayor / Maire

There are several methods to make the payment. The login account, vouchers from either stores or online, real time payments in some stores, using 611 or 1-855-4-pu-blic.


@LucioMelo-1155   you don't need account number to make payment


you can either call *611 (or 1.855.4PUBLIC) and use the 4 digits PIN and make payment

or login to My Account and then make payment there


If you are unsure about My Account login ,  first try to use the Reset Password link there, enter any possible email addresses you could have used and see if it works


if not, PM support will be your friend then, please open ticket with them


1.  Open ticket with Chatbot for faster response (2-48 hours), using direct link:

Start by typing "Forgot Login Information", then click "Contact Us",, then click "Click here to submit a ticket ↗" 

2. if you have problem with Chatbot: Private message CS Agent at:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after the ticket is opened. CS Agent will reply to you there


Mayor / Maire

@LucioMelo-1155  You don’t need account number just sign into self serve with email and password you used to activate SIM card , you can also 611 if you know the PIN number and a voucher no pin needed 

My account

Legend  and features

Change plan / update cc /auto pay



Account #/ change # port /swap SIM

Mayor / Maire

@LucioMelo-1155  This is public forum edit phone number 

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