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Reactivate Suspended Plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good Afternoon,


Last night my phone went missing. I temporarily suspended my plan. Today I bought a new sim card, activated it with the same account I used for the previous sim card, however, when I try to reactivate my plan (autopay etc.) the "submit" button for payment etc. doesn't work (it's a light shade indicating I can't use it). What's the problem? How can I reactivate my plan? I will mention that I have also changed the payment method. I had to use a different credit card because my original credit card went missing last night as well.


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Mayor / Maire

 @AJ2020 : There's no such thing as reporting found. Go back in to the Lost/stolen function and click Resume.

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Did you report your phone found first?  

Then you can pay your account if necessary.  



 Do not need to activate a new account.  Just change SIM card number in your self service account.

Here is some more information on how to change your SIM card.

Mayor / Maire

 @AJ2020 : There's no such thing as reporting found. Go back in to the Lost/stolen function and click Resume.

Mayor / Maire

Wow! It looks somebody got a hold of all your valuables...

Mayor / Maire


As mentioned by @z10user4 it sounds like you forgot to resume your services via lost/stolen. Once you swapped out sim cards there is no longer service to your lost phone so no need for lost/stolen to be engaged. Once all hope is lost that you will get your missing phone back you can contact customer support to blacklist the device once you file an online police report listing it as lost and getting a file #.


Please note that now that you have used the lost/stolen feature this will cause a glitch with your rewards not automatically applying upon renewal. After renewal you will have to contact customer support and ask the CSA to apply your rewards manually.





To contact customer support click below:

To pre-verify your account include your full name, address, email, phone # and 4 digit acct pin #.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@AJ2020   Here is actually a previous thread from a week ago regarding exactly the same issue as you have.  Feel free to read through it for all of the steps that you would need to take regarding the re-activating the SIM card and what to do with your lost phone and etc. 


Hope this helps and hope you recover your phone soon.