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Re: Upcoming Changes to our Old Rewards Program

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am not a happy customer. I have been with Public Mobile since June 15 2018. Every time I get close to my Anniversary date, the company changes the plans. I have been paying 6.90 taxes in and now today my month charge on my Mastercard went to 14.95. I need an answer, also I cannot get cell service from my home nor at our cottage, I have to drive 5 kms. to get service.  I have internet at both places, why can't I not use Wi-Fi with Public Mobile .




Unfortunately, most legacy rewards customers faced a price increase in May due to the forced migration to points system.  $13/$15 customers got hit the hardest with price increase. Public mobile did not offer any new plans for this price plan customers.  For example, the $25 customers got a new $19 plan for 1GB LTE data, so the price increase was not significant.  

As for your service, that depends on your location of your service. You may want to check the nearest cell tower to your locations.  If Telus/Bell towers are not near you, you may want to consider a different service provider. 

Here is the link:

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

There are a few work around for wifi calling . You could use a free app like text now (would have a secondary number ). If it’s only a few people WhatsApp would be another option (both need to be set up). If it’s really important ie for business calls , you should probably change providers (at a high cost than 14.95$ less points discounts )

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